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We will not die this way, in unification
They cannot break these chains of faith
Let them do their worst (let them do their worst)
Never slaves to iniquity

We will not die this way (this is absolution)
Death claims us no more (no more)
Do not grieve, end the suffering
We will live, live eternal

Will you take the stand among the dead?
Bury your fear, and hold fast to life

We will not die this way (this is absolution)
Death claims us no more (no more)
Do not grieve, end the suffering
We will live, live eternal

Anchor yourself to the foundation of everything you love
Believe you have just begun to live

Don't let the world deceive you
Don't let their words betray you
Don't let their lies deceive you
Let them do their worst!!!!

We will not die this way (this is absolution)
Death claims us no more (no more)
Do not grieve, end the suffering
We will live, live eternal

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What killswitch is to me | Reviewer: Zachary | 10/23/12

Ok I think that KSE is the best band in the univers but I watched a few videos about their conserrt and jesse said the GD word which means god d*** . And I saw a LOT of photos of him wearing a CROSS and I know for some resone he does believe in GOD but I hope y'all know that the GD word means like your telling god d*** you! That word is the most hightist bad word you can ever say. I just hope that jesse said it in a actsodent or for a RESONE ! But I know that Adam is some times DRUNK and says a lot of bad words. I really hope some time they will pray for FORGIVENESS . But I heard that they are just having fun. But I hope they won't do it no more.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/12

first of all, i will state the obvious and say this is an amazing song. second, i will address the issue of whether or not KsE is a Christian band or not. by virtue of the fact that they don't say God or Jesus every five seconds in their songs and that they are not on a Christian label, they are not. they don't want to be some Christian label band, because everybody knows most all of them suck. however, Jesse Leach said in an interview around the time of Alive or Just Breathing that the goal of Killswitch Engage was to shine the light of God through their music. also, all the band members are professing Christians. it is for that reason that i believe that this song, along with most of their songs, were written to contain Christian messages, which is my third point.

Look | Reviewer: Paden | 5/10/12

I really don't agree with people saying that the lyrics ARE or ARE NOT something. Music was created for interpretation INDIVIDUALLY. Do I think the lyrics contain a Christian influence? Yes, I think it is obvious that these lyrics are faith inspired, especially because of Adam and Jesse's band Times of Grace. BUT, that does NOT mean that there aren't other ways to interpret it. That is the beauty of music, and lyrics, and poetry! Everyone should interpret it in a way they can maximize their enjoyment. But NO ONE should be saying it IS or IS NOT something. You are missing the point if you think YOU are right.

Sick | Reviewer: Jared | 4/25/12

Whatever the band members had in mind as to the meaning of the lyrics, it still matters what it means to the individual listener. To some, this is a cool song about standing strong, and living your life in a positive, progressive light; and that's totally cool. To others, such as myself, it is a song representing my Christian faith and the struggles that God has helped me overcome. Lines such as "death claims us no more", represents how as a follower and believer of that Jesus dude, death isn't something to fear or grieve, because there's more to the world than is measurable and observable by us humans. I have the personal view that if there's this almighty God that can do anything, he could put into place circumstances for KSE that indirectly causes to write lyrics like these to encourage everyone: Christians, atheists, and the like.

And there's the element that KSE is fantastic.

Morons | Reviewer: Adam | 3/23/12

KSE is not a Christian band nor do they EVER specify a certain religion in ANY of their songs - not even spiritual ones like these.

Being spiritual and religious are two completely different things. As a few (but not enough) people have already said, KSE could be referring to ALL religions - even Atheism. This is about being human, taking life by the horns, and being too busy living that you forget about fearing death.

The rest of you...MORONS

title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/12

you can interpret this in a christian way if you will, but the fact is it's not. this song is about all who the self is, believing in yourself, believing in everything YOU stand for, and doing what YOU think is right no matter what anyone else says. there is a difference in putting your faith in god and putting it in yourself, and KSE always use insporational lyrics to spur everyone to be themselves, let the world throw what its got at you but always know that you will prevail through self-determination

Awesome song | Reviewer: Ilikepie | 9/1/11

Good song there is an error in the lyrics here lead them to their graves is actually, let them do their worst. As far as religion goes. There is no own take on Christianity it's what the bible says an that's it, you can not re-interpret the bible or say I think this, there is no think. Gods word is the bible and if you don't understand it or have your own opinion break down every word to it's base meaning, the word is literal. But all killswitch's songs have a religious element, which I believe to be of the Christian faith; but all their songs pwn and that's that!

kse | Reviewer: mic-metal | 6/29/11

kse is uplifting God guys wich is esential, howard and kse are the bomb , big up 2 em for uplifting our God ,their geting blesings by being 2ru 2 hm,in return their a very sucesful band! Lving tha chorus n tha sngs of kse
true role models peace

voice of reason | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/10

ok look guys, there are other religions in the world. technically, there are over 10 million recorded religions in the history of man. the 3 major, current, western religions are islam, christianity, and judaism. and, as ghandi said, "there are as many religions as there are people". meaning that every individual has their own take on exactly what they believe, even though they may call themselves a "christian" or "musslim" or whatever. just because killswitch's lyrics have seemingly religious elements, does NOT mean that they are all christians. they could believe in ANYTHING. i personally am an atheist. and you are all atheists about most of the gods humanity has ever believed in. most of you just go one god further

hmmm... | Reviewer: danny | 4/5/10

I dont know but they seem like christians to me anyways they are awsome i guess christian music is getting better by the way my fellow brothers and sisters can some1 help me i need to let go of the un christian music but i love the metal style does any1 know bands that are christian but metal like kse? thanx in advance....

Nick | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/10

Re amazing band.. U can't say u believe in God and never follow his commands. U can't use despising organized religion as an excuse to not follow the rules. God says if you aren't all in he will spew you from his mouth. Kse is a Christian band. They are all Christians. And the base of Christianity is that you can't get through the storms in life on it own. We have to rely on him. Do not grieve, end the suffering. We will live eternal because of his sacrifice. Christian

LALALA | Reviewer: Warhead | 1/19/10

First off, Howard doesn't write the music, he sings it, DUHHHH! Yes, Killswitch Engage has many religious elements, they all believe in GOD, they just don't all have the same religion, therefore can not claim ONE FAITH! I HOPE I CLEARED EVERYTHING UP YOU FAKE Killswitch FANS! PEACE, LOVE, HAPPIENESS. BTW, THEY SAY "GOD BLESS YOU" AFTER EVERY SHOW!

Jesse isnt even good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/09

Jesse, Is and was nothing compared to howard, howard is a way better vocalist than jesse could ever be, Howard has way more control of his voice, and can take it deep or soft, jesse couldnt do either, hes garbage, glad he isnt in it anymore, and howard us

--- | Reviewer: Dan | 7/23/09

Great song with religious elements, but that does not mean the band is religious. A good example is Avenged Sevenfold's Blinded in Chains. The band isn't the slightest bit religious, not one member, but the song is based upon the foundations of Christianity

God the Father | Reviewer: Jordan | 5/29/09

I am a very devout Christian. And I believe strongly in the redemption Christ has given all of us. And Killswitch Engage, though they cuss and whatnot, still have amazing, uplifting lyrics of Christianity. And are ALL outstanding musicians. I listen to many many things. I play in a straight up Hardcore band. No beating around the bush. But I can always listen to these guys. I want to see them live.

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