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She fooled all of her friends into thinking she's so strong
But she still sleeps with the light on
And she acts like it's all right on, as she smiles again
And her mother lies there sick with cancer
And her friends don't understand her
She's a question without answers
Who feels like falling apart.
She knows, she's so much more than worthless
She needs to find a purpose,
She wonders what she did to deserve this

She's calling out to you
This is a call, this is a call out
Cause everytime I fall down, I reach out to you
And I'm losing all control now
And my hazard signs are all out
I'm asking you to show me what this life is all about

And he tells everyone a story,
Cause he thinks his life is boring
And he fights so you won't ignore him,
Cause that's his biggest fear
And he cries, but you'll rarely see him do it
And he loves but he's scared to use it
So he hides behind the music
Cause he likes it that way
And he knows, he's so much more than worthless
He needs to find the surface
Cause he's starting to get nervous

He's calling out to you
This is a call, this is a call out
Cause everytime I fall down, I reach out to you
And I'm losing all control now
And my hazard signs are all out
I'm asking you to show me what this life is all about

Have you ever felt this way before
Cause I don't wanna hide here anymore
Take me to a place where nothing's wrong
And thanks for coming, shut the door
And they say some one out there sees us,
Well if you're real, then save me Jesus
Cause I've been this way for far too long
I wasn't meant to feel alone

And now I'm calling out to you
This is a call, this is a call out
Cause everytime I fall down, I reach out to you
And I'm losing all control now
And my hazard signs are all out
I'm asking you to show me what this life is all about
Show me what this life is all about
Show me what this life is all about

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Amazing. | Reviewer: A Girl. | 9/17/10

I truly LOVE this song. It does match everybody. I sometimes get to where I feel so alone. Me and my mom don't get along like we should, she's told me many times how ashamed and embarassed she is because of me. And my dad is a sick alchoholic and isn't around. My older sister is like the "princess" of my family. Everything she gets is handed to her, she's very pretty, and everything I'm not. I thought I found someone who loved me, but he used me for sex. Now I'm positive for HSV-2. I guess you can say I'm the blacksheep. I go through my days alone with my music, and that's how I found this song. I really like this, it helped me alot to find a song and know that other people are going through the same or much worse.

Beautiful | Reviewer: AJ | 5/20/10

I remember the first time i heard this song. It was in English class for a journal response and this was to get us thinking about the topic of "The hardest things for a teenager". When we started listening to this song it was so mind catching. I live a double life Half Christian and Half well normal i guess and this song makes me think more about jesus. This song is amazing. Listen to TFK you wont regret it.

every one will be called one day | Reviewer: midou | 3/18/10

"Show me what this life is all about"
Show me what this life is all about.this is the last sentence of the song, the repeated question that everyone asks everyday. You don't know what tide could bring for you,everyone will be called one day we all taste the pain and forget the day when our eyes speak with tears. i thing this song is for everyone of us, whenever you have a cancer or not have a Mom or Dad, even if your boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you, that words describes the life itself, and don't forget there will be another call... a call from hope

Breathtaking. | Reviewer: Kei | 12/24/09

This song is absolutely amazing. Of course, my mother doesn't have cancer, but my parents are nearing the stage of divorce. It's tearing me apart, but this song really does describe me. I always act like I'm so tough, I don't feel sadness or pain.. I put up a badass facade. I joke around, act like I'm in absolutely no pain. I don't like laying emo crap on my friends, and they wouldn't even fucking listen. I listen to everything they say, but not when it's my turn to go all 'fml'. I lie all the time to make my life seem like a reality show, and I pull shit out of my ass just so people won't ignore me. I feel so fucking alone all the time, and I can only hide behind the music. Dude, every time I've loved, my heart gets ripped to shreds. I need someone to show me the meaning of life.

bleh. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/08

this is a beatiful song and i think everyone can really relate to it in some way or another. i've struggled with various eating disorders for over three years now and it is one of the hardest things to deal with that there is. i am using food to deal with emotions in the first place and now i have even more emotions to deal with in trying to recover and i cant use food to cope. it is so hard. sometimes i want to die. sometimes all i want to do is crawl in a hole. but i get up everyday and face it. and nobody knows.

chelsea | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/08

welll i'm going thru a really tough time right now .. most of my friends are mad at me for uncalled reasons for one my ex is now going out with my boyfriend he dumped me for her i have every right to be mad .. we've been friends since pree kindergarden and she was always the one telling me he's not worth it or i should waste my time on him but next thing you know they are going out and now 3 of my friends are mad at me for the most ridiculus reason EVER they think i told someone a secret whitch i didn't and one came to my locked and yelled at me when she isn't even sure if i did it or not and i didn't this song makes me cry everytime for thoses of you who have seen the movie
odd girl out ' well i feel like her deirespected and rejected by everyone not wanted or anything but sometimes life doesn't always go the way you want it to so you leav the ones that cause thoses rumors and drama and find better people dont waste you're time on thoses who dont think you matter they are only doing you the favor of showing you who you're true friends are or not .

JUST LIKE ME | Reviewer: Luanne | 4/4/08

Well, this song really speeks to me more when i was younger but still today my mother had cancer and she died when i was 6 years old and i hide it all the time and i felt like nobody would understand so i never talked about it and my family relates to the song so much


Good song | Reviewer: Maddie | 10/28/07

Well, like alot of people above me the part about the girl really fits me. My friends seriously think I'm one of the strongest person out of all of them, but I'm really not. I'm also sick alot, so my friends often ask me if I'm okay, but I seriously don't wanna burden them so I say I'm fine. And the part about her mom lies there sick with cancer, well it's just like my mom. I mean, my mom doesn't have cancer but she has crohn's, and she's just about always in the hospital. I'm pretty sure the song actually describes alot of people.

It's a really awesome song, and thanks for posting the lyrics.

brilliant | Reviewer: varg22 | 9/23/07

this song.... is all.. when i heard this song i started to cry, i feel like she , the woman in the song.. in this moment i haven't words to describe it.. i only know tha this song is one of the best creations of TFK
precious, brilliant!

wow | Reviewer: shawnee | 8/28/07

this song really hits close to home because im the type of person who helps everyone but thereself. For the past four years ive struggled with a couple disorders and alot of depression from them. I dont let anyone in i just put on this fake smile like everything is perfect. Inside i feel worthless and alone and i do things to myself that are stupid because i just want to die. i hide inside my music. it keeps me in this false reality tthat keeps me boyfriend of five years died of cancer a few months ago.its been the hardest thing because hes the only person who really loved me and was there for my call best friend erin killed herself a year ago as well. life just keeps all the lyrics in this song apply to my life. i do have friends but i stand alone. i dont talk to many people. i have social phobias because im afraid because i do stand out. but i believe in jesus and this song makes me believe that even through this whole thing im going through there is a purpose for the way i am. for who i am.jesus will save me

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