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All I've ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled,
it is in my hands, I must not fail,
I must not fail.

Even through the darkest days,
this fire burns, always.
this fire burns, always.

This is the broken ground
Misery begins to rise.
Turn away from yesterday,
tomorrow's in my eyes.

Nevermore to be held down
by the wings of history.
Nevermore to be cast aside,
this day is mine.

Even through the darkest days,
this fire burns, always.
this fire burns, always.

I will not be denied
in this final hour.
I will not be denied,
this day is mine.

The passion inside me,
is burning, is burning.
The passion inside me,
is burning, is burning.

Even through the darkest days,
this fire burns always (always).
This fire burns (fire burns) always.

Always (always).

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hit the switch! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/11

yo, all mothafukaz...go and kiss justin bieber's cute romantic soft skinny fat ass and KSE had, indeed, fathered a all-time Classic i.e. this fire burns. no song ever motivate me as much as this song. it succinctly sums up the life philosophy of my mentor CM PUNK. THIS FIRE BURNS & CM PUNK with his dripping blood from my canaine, scream dracula, scream.
if u r an anti-Killswitch then u r a sodomy...

I m kse and i m awesow! | Reviewer: Adeena | 8/11/11

This band is rocking! This was the first 1 ive heard of kse and it is awesom. It was smart for punk 2 pick this. I just cant beleiv that some mal nourished guys comglains against it. I mean who cares what some sychos have to say!!:)

just listen to the song | Reviewer: a guy that makes sense | 3/23/11

stop labeling songs, ow this is death metal this is not death metal this is my dick this is your dick, NO, STOP, just listen to the song, if you dont like it just go somewhere else, im so sick of people going : oh this is not the genre I like so judging by that I am not going to like this song even though I am so convinced by my ignorance im not even going to give it a chance

Cannibal Corpse | Reviewer: Jake | 11/14/10

Well man, if you don't notice, try finding real death metal bands. Screaming and growling into the mic is death metal. At least it is the true definition, which has been forgotten and replaced with the type of music KSE is, which is rock/metal in its own sense, but not death metal.

Really good band . | Reviewer: Lauren <3 | 6/3/10

I love this band . They're honestly one of the best bands of all time , i really do believe that , because their lyrics aren't violent & sad like other bands , they're inspiring & they motivate you to do your best , no matter what the circumstances . I'm so glad my 22 year old brother Chris Cussell from Written in Blood showed me this band , i love them a lot<3

U bitch dnt like this song?! | Reviewer: BlazingBloodl | 3/5/10

hey guys.. I just wanna say fuck that asshole! He can luv my dick in his mother's mouth!↲i listen 2 this song every's just amazing↲guys if u like these types of songs plz e-mail me .i'd luv 2 hv frnds lk u!

The Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/10

Im a Juggalo and I love this shit, Ive always loved metal, but KSE has awesome guitaring. It sounds great but truly its not difficult to play them. But Cannibal Corpse sucks haha they had one good song (Hammer Smashed Face). You can't compare the two anyways, They're two different genres....Like comparing apples with oranges lol. But opinions are like assholes, everyone has one an nobody cares about yours....less they like it......

kse guitars kills! | Reviewer: johnny larocco | 1/25/10

for the guy who thinks that kes don't have amazing guitarist and catchy riffs ,u better go fuck yourself man cause i'm pretty sure u don't know adamn thing when it comes to guitar u probably an emo kid so why don't u go and fuck yourself with that guitar of yours.....freaking dumass !!!

no joke one of their best songs | Reviewer: Matt | 10/30/09

i absolutely love this song and kse is a great band. I'm the type of person that likes to listen to bands for their guitar sound, and it shud be said that kse is great in that area. The guitar playing in this song is great, and the lyrics are pretty catchy as well. It's too bad this song isn't on any of their albums, tho.

Great Song | Reviewer: Saim | 10/13/09

I dont generally like death metal but this song rocks, the music is damn catchy and the lyrics are great, even though i had to listen the song a couple of times more to understand the exact lines, im currently hooked on to this song, its great!

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