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Patty Loveless Thirsty (Patty Loveless/Travis Tritt) Lyrics

Last updated: 04/19/2002 03:10:50 AM

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(Stewart Harris/Thom Hardwell)

How did I ever get so lucky
To be lying in your arms
I wouldn't trade my life
For somebody's millions
I'm just thirsty
And you are water

Some want wisdom, some need fame
Some may want a mansion far away
All I need is your tender loving
I'm just thirsty
And you are water

The way I feel when I hear your call
It's just like heaven when a gentle rain falls

I know the good Lord must have smiled
On the day he made you
And I'm just grateful that he heard me praying
He said, "You're just thirsty"
And he gave me water
I'm just thirsty
And you are water

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