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Radiohead Thinking About You Lyrics

Last updated: 04/03/2013 02:46:56 PM

Been thinking about you, your record's a hit
Your eyes are on my wall, your teeth are over there
But I'm still no-one, and you're a star
What do you care?

Been thinking about you, and there's no rest
Shit, I still love you, still see you in bed
But I'm playing with myself, and what do you care
When the other men are far, far better

All the things you got
All the things you need
Who bought you cigarettes and bribed the company
To come and see you, honey

I've been thinking about you, so how can you sleep
These people aren't your friends, they're paid to kiss your feet
But they don't know what I know, and why should you care
When I'm not there

Been thinking about you, and there's no rest
Shit, I still love you, still see you in bed
But I'm playing with myself, what do you care
When I'm not there

All the things you got, you'll never need
All the things you've got, I bled and I bleed to please you

Been thinking about you...

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emo? wtf? | Reviewer: Steffan | 4/3/13

Thom Yorke is NOT emo. I realize these comments are super old, but to compare radiohead with that emo garbage is so insulting to radiohead fans. Emo bands usually have terrible singers who only whine. They're also all about hair and makeup and dont really do anything special with the sound, something Radiohead have ALWAYS done.

Meaning | Reviewer: Kayloco | 12/10/11

I think that some are missing a part of this song that shows additional meaning. This is more than about being in love with a star. Notice where he speaks of buying cigarettes and bribing the company to come and see her? Apparently they were once friends, maybe even lovers. But she seems to have gone on and left him now that she's famous, even thought he had a large share in getting her to where she is now. It reminds me of that song "Don't You Want Me" by the Human League. Anywho, the only "love" from her he receives now is when he's "playing" with himself, aka masturbating to the poster of her that's on his wall. The song us very direct and literal. Not that hard to decipher. I initially fell in love with the way it sounds, not so much the lyrics. When I finally learned the words I was a bit surprised at how transparent it is. But I still love it. It's one of my favorite songs on that album. Another good one is "Blow Out". People tend to ignore that and other songs on Pablo Honey besides Creep. This saddens me. In my opinion, all if Radiohead's songs have their own unique beauty and shouldn't be compared to the other songs. Each album reflects a certain time, emotion, and view of the band. I have all their albums, EP's, and solo work. It's all beautiful to me.

Emo. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/10

The term emo is short for the word emotion any song can be emo to any particular individual. If your 13 and just learning what strong emotions are, I'd understand that you would not understand the entirety of the word emotion or emo. To me "emo" kids are just nu wave goth poser fags. Wow I'll bet that stirs the "emotions" so I'm guessing this is an emo post! Once you grow up you'll have a better understanding.

How i used this song to help me | Reviewer: the past | 8/29/10

This song helped me thru some tuff times. I was in Afghanistan dealing with the death of one of my good friends when my wife told me she was cheating on me. It was one of the hardest times i went thru. This song really hit the spot for me.

You. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/10

Hey guys don't you see it?.. It's about a love to an artist, ... He doesn't have the possibility to meet her in real life so he just imagines, .. He's really in deeply love with her... also his voice is longinly and sorrowful.

Kiyka | Reviewer: Kiyka | 11/23/09

I'd wager a lot of us know what it's like to find a special person whom you invest yourself into. But when they realize their full potential you're ditched for the glamor of more excitement.

Yes it's an emotional song, but if you can tell me a single song that has ever been written, that has any value as art yet doesn't enlist emotion than you have a damn boring taste in art and music.

Emo Isn't a Bad Word | Reviewer: Ian C | 8/1/09

alright I'm gonna weigh in on this stupid today act like emo is a bad word because they don't like Fall Out Boy or whatever, but in reality "emo rock" goes back to the mid-80s with bands like Rites Of Spring, Embrace, Husker Du, The Replacements, Fugazi, etc. and this song definitely reminds me of "Too Far Down" by Husker Du, so in a sense this is like 90s brit-emo....Radiohead fucking rules, people forget that on "Pablo Honey" they were just a normal ass rock band and were as "emo" or "alt-rock" as anybody else, that's not necessarily a bad thing...stop judging so harshly, you remind me of death metallers who hate anything they *think* is hardcore without having a clue what the word really means

great song | Reviewer: talon | 3/3/09

stop calling this song emo. there is no way in hell that anything radiohead has ever done or will do could be considered emo. any good song by any artist is emotional, but emo has become synonymous with transvestites, self mutilation, boys that sound and act like girls, and dark, brooding lyrics that really have no meaning. you can't say any of these things about any radiohead song, especially this one. i mean, it's blatantly obvious what this song is about. i'm gonna have to agree with the anonymous guy up there. the next person to call one of their songs emo is going to get verbally bitch-slapped.

tom | Reviewer: tom | 11/25/08

this song is from pablos honey´s album released in 1993. Mmm emo?, no this is a real feeling, a true story about a kid in love, rejected by his "star" his best friend, a nerd love! :) like was in the 90´s not this stupid emo thing.

The word "emo" sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

If I hear one more person describe anything rh does as "emo" I'm going to choke them. This song is from Thom's younger days when his emotion was much less focused than it is today. Luckily he had a release for it (his music), and we all benefited from it!

Wow.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

this's just such a nice song...that's just what I'm feelin in this, this is just a very good song: musically, etc...what a nice "disapaired-love-song"...(I apologize for my bad english...hope that everybody would understand...)

Wonderful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

This song is just wonderful, back to basics, an acoustic guitar and a nice melody.

Love it

thinking about you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/07

This has got to be the perfect break up song, that we all need to knwo that other people have felt the same way.

- haunting - | Reviewer: iqa | 2/28/07

love tis song to death. one of the rare ever-haunting radiohead songs of all time. thom yorke's voice is just so tortured n emo that i cant help but feel the pain as well.