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Think (think) Think (think)
Think (think) Think (think)
You Think (think) Think (think)
Think about it (think)

You better think! (think)
Think about what you're tryin' to do to me
Yeah, Think (think-think) let your mind go let yourself be free

Let's go back - let's go back
Let's go way on way back when
I didn't even know you
You couldn't a been too much more than ten (just a child)

I ain't no psychiatrist
I ain't no doctor with degrees
But it don't take too much high I.Q.
To see what you're doin' to me

You better think (think)
Think about what you're tryin' to do to me
Yeah think (think - think)
Let your mind go, let yourself be free

Oh freedom (freedom)
freedom (freedom)
Oh freedom
Yeah freedom (yeah)

Oh freedom (freedom)
freedom (freedom) freedom
Oh freedom
Yeah freedom (yeah) freedom!!
Hey - think about it
You! think about it

There ain't nothin' you could ask
I could answer you with I won't (I won't)
But I was gonna change my mind if
You keep doin' things I don't (don't)

Hey, think about what you're trying to do to me
Baby! Think, let your mind go, let yourself be free.

People walkin' around everyday
Playin' games and takin' scores
Tryin' to make other people lose their minds
Well be careful you don't lose yours!

Yeah, think, think about what you trying to do to me
Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, let your mind go, let yourself be free.

You need me, and I need you
Without each other, ain't nothin' neither can do
Yeah, think about it baby

Oh freedom (freedom)
freedom (freedom) freedom
Oh freedom
Yeah freedom (yeah) freedom!!
Hey - think about it
You! think about it

There ain't nothin' you could ask
I could answer you with I won't (I won't)
But I was gonna change my mind if
You keep doin' things I don't (don't)

You need me (need me)
And I need you (don't cha know)
Without each other
There ain't nothin' neither can do

Oooh yeah think about it baby
(What cha tryin' to do me think)
Let it go baby
Think about it right now
Yeah right now (think about it're leaving)
Whoa right now (think about it're leaving)
Yeah right now (think about it're leaving)
I need to change your mind (think about it)
Baby baby baby woo (think about it're leaving)
Think about it baby (think about it're leaving)
Yeah woo-hoo (think about it're leaving)
Tell about it baby baby baby (think about it..)
(You have better stop and think about it ...think)

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hierarchy?? | Reviewer: michael | 12/17/12

It is definitely "high IQ" as the meaning of hierarchy has a meaning of 'an arrangement of items' which is out of context as the stanza before refers to a psychiatrist and doctor with a degree which requires a 'high IQ' the only list is one of people with high IQs....

Sheet Music Owner | Reviewer: Stephanie | 1/17/11

I have the sheet music from a reputable source and it is High IQ - although I'm pretty sure Linda is the only one in the world whoever thought it was Hierarchy. I would normally never comment on one of these, but that is just the craziest thing I have ever heard!
There is one correction, according to the sheet music it's:
"There ain't nothin' you could ask
I could answer you with I WANT (I WANT)
If You keep doin' things I don't (don't)"
That's what the music I have says. It really doesn't matter what you say there as long as you kill it as a singer! But if you say "Hierarchy" instead of High IQ you'll lose a few points with your audience (and the band if they're paying attention).

the song speaks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/10

about someone knowin someone for a long time and now fell in lov but came to know that you don't have to know your childhood friend that much that he won't mistreat you and she talks also about people who'l go around evry day playin games and keepin scores,tryin to make other people loose their minds so she said be careful cus you could loose yours just think about all things that you'l be doin be also free in doin it,just a litlle lov song there and there.

WTF Linda? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/10

Really? Heirarchy? Are you partially deaf and or stupid? That's not the part of the song most sites got wrong. The one line people always get wrong is "playin games and takin scores. Tryin a make other people lose their minds, well be careful you don't lose yours." but never heirarchy. Anyway I love this song and am playing it in band.

I think you're right and Linda's wrong | Reviewer: Jaydee | 6/8/10

"It don't take too much IQ
To see what you're doin' to me"

I don't hear the "high," but I do believe IQ is correct; at least, that's the way I've always heard it.

"Degree" is the word that needs to rhyme with "me," and it does. Hierarchy doesn't make any sense to me. Sorry, Linda. :) But I do agree with her on one point; I also hate seeing the same incorrect lyrics recopied at multiple websites.

Aretha Franklin Think - your lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: Linda Smith | 3/2/10

HIERARCHY, gosh dangit! It's HIERARCHY, not "high IQ." (pronounced
/High-ar-kee/) it don't take too much hier-arch-Y to see what you're doin to me. Hierarchy is a tier if authority or intelligence, such as the aforementioned "doctor with degrees")

Besides, the oowe sound such as the ending sound when you speak "Q" does not rhyme with "me." The line in question, "high IQ" or "Hierarchy" clearly ends in the EEEE sound. Simple logic would have told you "high IQ" was not correct. Does no one double check these lyrics before going online with them? (hard copy b/c once the wrong lyrics get on the internet, they obviously spread like wild fire as this is the 3rd site I looked at with that same mistake.)

I am griping because wrong lyrics are becoming an online parasite to music as I have notice almost every song I look up has 2 or 3 wrong lyrics in it and on multiple site b/c one site copies from another. It's maddening!

Aretha is great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/09

Aretha is a great singer i've always loved her n her voice,she is a great role model 2 me,if i can sing like her some day,i wil b very greatful,n d song think is very inspirational,i believe dat as humans we shud nt let ourselves b enslaved by others,bottom line of dis song is "tk charge of ur life,let no one put u down".i lv u aretha franklin 4rm vkay roberts

best lyric site out there@ | Reviewer: janice | 5/18/08

As a singer, I have to say you are the most reliable and easy to navigate site in existence! I don't even bother with anyone else anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I recommend you to all my fellow working singers.
Keep up the amazing work!

Read between the lines? | Reviewer: Morgan | 12/2/07

i believe this song is about freedom and the demand to be treated right,and the importance to keep the vision of yourself and not let others change it. i believe it protests the chaos in the world and how it can change people, dnt let it change you.

THINK about what it is really about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/07

I just heard two reviewers on NPR talking about this song. Apparently Aretha wrote this song after her first visit to the south. She saw young African Americans, about her same age, picking cotton all around the studio where she was recording. Think carefully about the lyrics -she says it all. She is indeed an under rated song writer.

Different Strokes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

It seems to me these lyrics are about control, having been controlled as a child, and then 'acting out' later in life in a relationship trying to control someone else - perhaps even through violence.
Just another person's opinion...

Nobody Can Sing This But Aretha Franklin! | Reviewer: Oliver | 5/14/07

This has always been the stupidest song I have ever heard! I danced to it, but never could understand most of the lyrics. When anybody else tries to sing it, they always mess it up because THEY don't understand these lyrics either! In my opinion, nobody should try to sing this except Aretha Franklin. Somehow, in her hands, it SOUNDS like it makes a LITTLE sense.

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