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FORMED: 1970, Dublin, Ireland

Thin Lizzy is among rock music's elite and a synonym for
classic rock. As one of the first bands to break out of
Ireland, Thin Lizzy's music was hard, yet melodic; their
lyrics romanticized stories of love, love-lost, and street
life as well as Irish folklore. Their signature double
guitar lead sound has influenced countless bands beyond the
rock genre. With thirteen albums to their credit, they have
had over fourteen top 20 hits in Europe while classic
tracks such as "The Boys Are Back More...

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Review about Thin Lizzy songs
My niece Sarah 21 today | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sarah performed by Thin Lizzy

This is a beautiful song, I get so choked when I listen to it. My brother played this song over and over when my niece was born. They now live in Australia and I miss then very much! I spoke to my niece this morning and played her this song over the phone for her birthday. We were both in tears. It has a special place in my heart and so do you my beautiful Sarah. Happy 21st birthday! Love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

01/11/2013 | Reviewer: Saša Travaš
    ------ About the song We Will Be Strong performed by Thin Lizzy

Chinatown is the tenth studio album by Irish band Thin Lizzy, released in 1980 (see 1980 in music). It introduced guitarist Snowy White who would also perform on the next album as well as tour with Thin Lizzy between 1980 and 1982; he replaced Gary Moore as permanent guitarist. White had previously worked with Cliff Richard, Peter Green and Pink Floyd. Chinatown also featured seventeen-year old Darren Wharton on keyboards, and he joined Thin Lizzy as a permanent member later that year.

memories | Reviewer: sarahs mum
    ------ About the song Sarah performed by Thin Lizzy

i have a daughter called Sarah i used to sing this to her all the time when she was a baby ,She is 28 now and lives in A ustralia ,but every time i hear this song it makes her feel a little bit closer x

most underrated thin lizzy song | Reviewer: alan
    ------ About the song Vagabond Of The Western World performed by Thin Lizzy

its the most emotionally charged song on the album. the intro galvanizes the listener with a powerful E: to D:(ringing E: note) modulation, with the irish lyric. it occurs to me that the 'vagabond of the western world' is Phil himself. he was not going to commit to anything in life other than his music . very bluesy, sad, powerful song. infinitely better than anything else on the album.

Review of sarah | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sarah performed by Thin Lizzy

I absaloutely love this song, a person very clOse to me is called sarah, and the song always reminds me of her. We are best friends, and had been more untill she decided that being friends was better, we've never been as close since but anytime I listen to this song I think of her and my love for her..

Original?? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Whiskey In The Jar performed by Thin Lizzy

The original whisky in a jar song I believe was written and sung long before thin lizzy ever redid it. If you really want to listen to something of an original version check out the dubliners on you tube whiskey in a jar seriously

Thanx... | Reviewer: Davextreme
    ------ About the song Whiskey In The Jar performed by Thin Lizzy

Thanx for solving a long arguement over this song between me and some younger friends. They were convincwed that Metallica wrote it and, being a huge Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy fan I loved nothing more than rubbing their noses in proof that their beloved Metallica not only didn't write, but couldn't qualify to tune Gary's guitars after comparing solos and just all over guitar work on this song. I agree with Seth, nothing beats an original, except maybe Van Halen's "you really got me." Much better than the Kinks... R.I.P. Alyson's Daddy, he sounds like a cool dude. I hope my Son will remember me with the music I turned him on to.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Sarah :)
    ------ About the song Sarah performed by Thin Lizzy

my daddy named me after this song and I absolutely love this song. my parents lost a child before I was born so have always been a little miracle to them. this song makes me feel even more special and loved. the name Sarah has lost popularity over the years but I think it's a lovely soft sounding and feminine name and always received well by others.

Lyrics corrupted | Reviewer: Sean Courtney
    ------ About the song Whiskey In The Jar performed by Thin Lizzy

The opening lyrics of 'Whiskey in the Jar' have become corrupted over several decades. The song was originally associated with County Kilkenny, Ireland and the rest of the lyrics are full of these connections. The opening line should read: 'As I was going over the Kilmoganny mountain, a hilly area in south Kilkenny, long associated with highway men. Check what I say in good song books.

love it! | Reviewer: alyson
    ------ About the song Whiskey In The Jar performed by Thin Lizzy

everytime i hear this song, it reminds me of my daddy. he was a huge thin lizzy fan, and i grew up listening to this song pretty much everyday. it was always something that brought us together. and now that he's gone, it helps to keep his memory alive. love you daddy, rest in peace <3

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