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I am a thief, I am a murderer,
Walking up this lonely hill.
What have I done? I don't remember.
No one knows just how I feel;
And I know that my time is coming soon.

It's been so long, oh, such a long time,
Since I've lived with peace and rest.
Now I am here, in my destination,
I guess things work for the best;
And I know that my time is coming soon.

Who is this man? This man beside me,
That they call the King of the Jews.
No, they don't believe, that He's the Messiah,
But, somehow I know that it's true.

They laugh at Him in mockery,
They beat Him till he bleeds,
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They nail Him to the rugged cross,
And they raise Him, yeah, they raise Him up next to me.

My time has come, and I'm slowly fading,
But I deserve what I receive.
Jesus, when You are in Your kingdom,
Could You please, please remember me.
Well He looks at me still holding on,
And the tears fall from His eyes,
And He says I tell the truth,
Today, yeah, you will live with Me in paradise, woah yeah.

And I know that my time, yes my time, is coming soon, woah yeah.
And I know that my time, yes my time, is coming soon, woah yeah, yeah
And I know that paradise, paradise is coming soon.

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The guy on the left... | Reviewer: follower | 7/8/12

When I was first introduced to Third Day by a friend of mine. I saw the CD cover and immediately began some serious "contempt prior to investigation". After listening to this song, my predetermined judgement was smashed to pieces. This song, for me, was one of those life altering experiences. Music is a very serious way that this particular Christian connects to his higher power. Third Day has become one of my top five groups to listen to.

response | Reviewer: Ricky | 3/1/11

I think that this is an amazing song. I believe that Jesus came to Earth to die and take away everyones sins and then he comes back to life. I am like the thief on the cross. I have lied and have done really bad things but Jesus has rescued me. Whoever reads this make sure that you give your life to Jesus. AMEN!!!

For The Wonderer | Reviewer: April | 7/30/10

Hello, I cannot give you a particular link at the moment I will have to look and see. I can tell you what I know though. I know that scientifically the bible can be traced. The stories can be traced. Noah and the Ark can be verified by things such as fossils from one era being found where fossils from another era are in digs and the only explanation being a great flood at that time shifting the soil and bringing those fossils to the surface. I know that in the bible where it talks about the rivers stopping in mid flow for people to cross, there is evidence still today of where the water damned up and caused mud bogs in isreal miles away from where the river was parted. There is evidence that the sun stood still in the sky just as the bible says it did during a battle.
I will look for a link where it talks about all of this and try to post it on here for you.
But I must also add that belief in God is belief in the inseen, it is faith, and God said he gave us the bible as a means of knowing His will and therefore we must take it on faith that it is what it says it is.

Thief | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/10

I love the song, I think the lyrics are great...I believe in God but don't believe in all that is in the Bible...Can someone please prove to me that the Bible just is not a big book of mainly astrology that someone has chosen to put characters to so that it is more believable and to gain governmental control? I truly am searching for these answers, either way I believe in God or a higher being...whatever name you may put to him...I feel him I know he exist..I will NEVER denounce God I just don't believe in the whole Bible.

Thanks, I will check back...some one please leave a link as to where I can go to find this proof.

The Wonderer

Tears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/09

I sang this in my school's talens show lat year. While I didn't win the prize on Earth, I won something better. Three people converted. My best friends was athiast. Now she's Christian, and zealous for the lord.

Bad Person | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/09

I'm not great. I'm not even good. This is me. I am a theif. I am a murderer. I am a liar. But Jesus takes all that sin away. I am redeemed by the only living god. The one who died fo me, and for you.

my review about the song ''thief'' performed by third day ; ) | Reviewer: gabriel | 11/15/08

ONE of the best lyrics EVER, ONE of the best songs EVER, the music is absolutely stunning and absolutely great, splendid, wonderful, smashing, 3rd day RULES!!!!!!! Praise Jesus Christ, He is my saviour and my sweet Lord 4 ever!!!!!!!

Great Version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/08

When I heard this song on the Offerings CD I had no idea that they had recorded the song before on their first album (which I own). Third Day had grown so much musically from the first album. The origonal release made no impact on me, but the live version is sung and played with such passion that the song is one of my favorite songs of all time. Everytime I listen to it it reminds me that I am no better than the Thief on the cross but am given the same gift as him!

Tears in My Eyes | Reviewer: joel | 8/17/07

I Didnot realize how important was the role played by the theif untill this song welll this is how people live there life these dayz but How ever religious u may be and and howeva uve lived inside
with no doubt we all know what hes done for Us
and he is the true living God
and no one else can do what he has down for ever one
and realize juzz like the theif that THIS MAN ON the Cross can GIVE me(US) paradise

thirdday u Rock
Jesus U R MY ROCK :)

Thief On The Cross | Reviewer: Carmen | 6/1/07

Would you by any chance know who sings "Thief On the Cross?" Do you know the lyrics?

It starts out like this, "My Lord remember me when you come for your kingdom"

Thanks in advance

aren't we all? | Reviewer: David Duncan | 5/3/07

Aren't we all thieves, murderers, law breakers of every sort? Yes we are. Even the best of mankind has broken not one, but every commandment. Though we only break one, we are guilty of them.. Therefore, I exalt the Lord and His grace and mercy, for His sacrifice, His substitutionary death for us all, His love and forgiveness, His blood shed to cover our sins, and to please the anger of the Father, our Holy God which demanded justice for sin. That justice has been met in the death and resurrection of His perfect, sinless Son, Jesus!!!

Hey Mac dawg!i thought it was perfect. Thank you! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/07

Nevermind this is odd..well can toy tell me who will be reading this?i love you mac!so does Jesus!!

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