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Raised Fist They can't keep us down Lyrics

Last updated: 12/09/2013 05:59:12 AM

Does it make a difference if we play punk rock,
And unlock the mysteries of hardcore and walk around the block,
In trendy clothes, pretending to be superstars, or younger than we are?
We just want to play drums, bass and guitar.

No make-up, nothing bizarre,
Vocals but no stories from a far.
Still we gather more power in our hands,
Than your collection of one thousand bands
And you know that.

They can't keep us down.
Still around adding something new to the sound.

Even if we go half speed,
Still delivering songs that people need,
To get through their lives.
So we move between the sharpest knives,
Ready to cut us down,
Try to deprive us all from what we need to survive,
But you know that.

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fucking music industry | Reviewer: SiRa | 12/9/13

this songs about raised fists former label that fucked with them by wanting them to change into mainstream idiots.
its a clear statement.they dont care about how they look (first verse) and they know that they are still better than most bands even if they go "half speed".raised fist dont want anyone to mess with their music as it is THEIR music.they have their own sick and aggressive sound like no one else and they want to keep it.
music industry is one huge asshole and i know what im talking about as i was part of it...
pretty amazing lyrics and song!!
its all about the music and its message.nothing more.
thats what hc is about or SHOULD be about.but most "big" hc bands (hatebreed, agnostic front,blood for blood...) walk around like idiots with their bandanas and their pitbulls and this endless crying about how terrible their childhood was...blah blah.WE GET IT, OK???
musics still good though but i just dont like the attitude.
i wish more bands would act and sound like raised fist.