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Hey baby, is that you?
Wow, your hair got so long
Yeah, yeah, I love it, I really do
'Norma Jean', ain't that the song
We'd sing in the car
Drivin' downtown, top down
Making the rounds
Checking out the bands on Doheeney Avenue

Yeah, life throws you curves
But you learned to swerve
Me I swung and I missed
And the next thing ya know
I'm reminiscin' dreaming old dreams
Wishing on wishes
Like you would be back again

I wake up and tear drops
They fall down like rain
I put on that old song we danced to and then
I head off to my job
Guess not much has changed

Punch the clock
Head for home
Check the phone, just incase
Go to bed
Dream of you
That's what I'm doing these days

Someone told me after college
You ran off to Vegas
You married a rodeo cowboy
Wow, that ain't the girl I knew
Me I've been a few places
Mostly here and there once or twice
Still sortin' out life, but I'm doing alright
Yeah, it's good to see you too

Hey girl, you're late
And those planes, they don't wait
But if you ever come back around
To this sleepy old town
Promise you'll stop in
To see an old friend
And until then...

I wake up and tear drops
They fall down like rain
I put on that old song we danced to and then
I head off to my job
Guess not much has changed

Punch the clock
Head for home
Check the phone, just incase
Go to bed
Dream of you
That's what I'm doing these

I wake up and tear drops
They fall down like rain
I put on that old song we danced to and then

I wake up and tear drops
They fall down like rain
I put on that old song we danced to and then

I wake up and tear drops
They fall down like rain
I put on that old song we danced to and then

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fixed | Reviewer: jameson browne | 2/21/12

for all you girls out here, i know it hirts to break up and this song is like a scapegoat. but if some stuck up guy cheats on you and tries to get away with it. ladies, hes just not good enough. remember, your priceless, us men are replaceable.

we all been there | Reviewer: william | 12/1/11

I had my share of women in my life. But there is only a few that stick out.the first stance. Reminds me of her so much. When I saw her again I saw lots of change.she didn't meet a rodeo cowboys. But she met someone and replaced me.I started thinking why she stop sending pictures txt or a phone call.I go to bed dream of you that's what I am doing these day

Hope | Reviewer: SherryAnn | 10/13/11

Man, I feel bad for a lot of the women on here. It's sad that you've met such mean punks! LOL. I can say that only one man made me feel the way the song describes. Last year we broke up for a few reasons but I'd so check my phone to see if he called. But not anymore, you move on after a while. I'm really looking forward to meeting the person God has for me. I've been waiting patiently for a while now, I know it will come. God has the right person for us all, a perfect match. Who knows where you'll meet them! That's the exciting part. I'm living my life, traveling, doing things that I love and being happy. I guess if you feel like you lost someone great that could of been that one but they have someone new, move on. It wasn't meant to be. I speak from experience. Look to the future because that's where hope lies. God bless.

Not good enough for anyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/11

There's been many boys. Many. But none of them think I'm good enough. They lead me on, tell me they like me.. we hang out and it just feels right. Then a couple days later they'll say "Oh.. I don't know about this. I just don't like you that much.." When will I ever be good enough for anyone?!

Wow... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/11

Crying myself to sleep,
That recently happened to me, except it was this huge breakup and my while school knew about it. People are tired of it and say that i cause drama, im slowly getting over the trauma but something brings me back to it like a friend commenting or a song or something. I know it has been a few months and i should move on but its hard and i feel you pain. Im happy to know im not the only one this sort of thing happens to. Its real hard to take and im soery you had to go through it too. Mine was my first and last boyfriend for awhile. Im kinda lonely and no guys really tlk to me. Homecoming is coming up. Oh well...
I heard this song this morning on the radio and i coulsnt stop singing it all day. I love it.

He made me cry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/11

There was this one boy who I have always known but I never took any interest into him until this year. I liked him...a lot more than I ever planned. We saw each other occasionally and when we did we talked. The one time we saw each other I thought he was flirting with me, but I guess I just got mixed signals. I texted him and he called. I answered only to here a girl on the other end saying "this is so and sos girlfriend stop calling him". I was devastated an I cried myself to sleep that night. The next night he texted me saying he didn't have a girlfriend an that his friends stole his phone. He kept teasing me and playing head games with me until I finally told him to basically leave me alone. I listen to this song and remember him. Even though I have moved on it sill hurts to think about him and how happy he made me. Sometimes I still cry. He made me cry and broke my heart.

My Best Friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/11

He was my best friend and my whole world. But after leaving one girl "for me" he found another and tried to hide it. But I forgave him and stayed because he said he would always need me. But I found out he only needed me when he was lonely or sad or angry and whenever his on and off girlfriend dumped him. After a bunch of rumors around school and people whispering around me in the halls like I couldnt hear them I grew more attatched and even sadder. He tried to protect me for a while then less and less. And after all the kisses and nights together and memories he just cut me out. And now im still stuck and lonely. Noone has been able to match up and I miss him everyday.

Cried Myself To Sleep For A Year | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/10

To "Crying myself to sleep"

.. I know how it feels. I thought I was enough, for once. Instead, I found out he was sleeping with my "best friend".. And instead of saying he was scared to love me, he said "It hurt to be with you, it hurts to love you."

You'll find someone, some day and he'll make you feel a thousand times better. I promise. :/

Kinda different | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/10

I met this guy over the summer at one of my brother's baseball tournaments and he was really sweet and we talked a lot and texted each other non stop. The worst part is that we live in 2 different states and he basically told me he liked me but he said there's no point because we'll never see eachother anymore. Even though we occasionally talk to eachother I learned he moved on and I did too but sometimes I wonder what could have been and this song just kinda reflects it a little haha. No break up but I feel a connection.

broken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/10

yeah i had this gf who was my life. id do anything for that girl. we were together for a looong time and the day after christmas she dumped me. classy right>? yeah. since then ive just been a different person. didnt drink a drop when we were together. now i drink regularily. didnt smoke at all. now i have cigars. didnt party like crazy before. now i go the bar and big parties. im not happy anymore. each day gets worse and worse. the worst part is is that she cheated on me. and its like i hate her for it. yet. part of me still loves her. knowing i cant ever take her back for what shes done. this song just brings back alot.

Alone | Reviewer: Tash | 10/1/10

My boyfrind broke up with me 2 days ago... this song is like my day, he was my bestfriend.. and i talked to him about everything..I really want to talk to someone about it.. but i cant.. cuz the person i normaly talked to is the one who broke my heart :( i really miss him, and love him... i'll never forget him

=( | Reviewer: Lizzy | 7/3/10

This song reminds me of so much...It takes me back to the days when I was in love with this guy mark...he was my everything. I wouldve done anything for him no matter what if it made him happy I was up for it. And one day we were happy then the next day it was over. Whenever I listen to this song It makes me cry cause it takes me back to the days we use to laugh,smile and just have fun. And the days where he would look into my eyes and just hold me. I always thought we would be together..we dated for a year and 3 months. I still miss him and Im still in love with him. He never seems to leave my mind. Everyday I wake up or go to bed hes on my mind always. I love this song.

Why? | Reviewer: C. | 7/2/10

Why does this always seem to happen? I really liked this guy....And then he got married.Now he's got a son,and he's the pride and joy of his life. Wish I could see him so bad! I do cry a lot, even though I consider myself tough, and I check my e-mail, though I know he won't e-mail me. Well, you DO learn to go on-but you need to heal first, and that takes time....As a freind of mine once quoted, 'With truth comes acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.'

Crying myself to sleep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/10

I listen to this song every night and cry myself to sleep. It takes me hours to stop crying and then another couple hours to get to sleep. He talked me into thinking love was real and I finally decided he wouldn't hurt me like the others and he told me after 8 months that he was scared to love me. I should've never believed in love. Now I'm alone. I can't talk to anyone about this. If I talk to him about it then I lose him for good. I have no one to talk to about this. I keep thinking God will help and I feel just as worse. I thought I was good enough this time.

these days </3 wehi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/10

i love this bf broke up wit me and frm then on my life sucked.i always check my phone to see if he calls or texts but he doesnt.i hate this feeling but i think everyone goes threw it ,,its cuz the future will probably be better without them but its still so hard to just move on espesially if that was your first love..but yeaa i love this song is exactly how i feel

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