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Aloha Thermostat Lyrics

Last updated: 04/27/2007 12:00:00 PM

Is it so strange, it’s trouble when the leaves change
It makes her cold
It makes her want to interact with strangers
Fingers on the thermostat, taking off their coats and hats, ‘How are you?’

I have no skills to bring this to a stop
‘Cause hugging’s not a dance move
And punching’s not allowed
I lost my night vision in a brawl
But in the morning the loss seemed very small

Huddle up with your boyfriend
Huddle up with your good friends who have sealed your window
And removed the baby bird
And with one idea, took the static from your hair
and the exit plan from out between your bed and its box springs

Is it so strange?
Am I so strange?
Will it make her want to interact with strangers?