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Dope Theres Nothing For Me Here Lyrics

Last updated: 11/09/2009 10:00:00 AM

How many times should I stop and believe in myself,
I dont believe much in anything.
Ive seen enough of the pain and the shame and the blame,
It dont amount up to anything.
Now I,
Rewind back to a time where I could do anything and pay any price.
And I,
Need time cause' im starting to think that the promises aint worth the sacrifice

And theres nothing for me here.
Theres nothing for me here.

How many nights should I walk in my sleep,
and I dream of how much I wanna run away (wanna run away)
Ive had enough of the stress and the mess
I cant take anymore I gotta getaway
Now I,
Know why im empty inside and im sure ive only got myself to blame.
And I,
Dont try to view the lies its just a waste of time i'll never be the same

Theres nothing for me here.
Theres nothing for me here.
Theres nothing for me here.
I gave you my life and its fading away.
Theres nothing for me here.
I gave you my life just to fade away.

And I cant go on.
And I cant explain.
What everyones going on,
lifes falling away.
And I cant rewind.
And theres no escape.
Its been so long and I just dont feel the same.

Theres nothing for me here.
Theres nothing for me here.
Theres nothing for me here.
I gave you my life and its fading away.
Theres nothing for me here.
I gave you my life just to fade away.
How many times should I stop and belive in myself,
I dont belive much in anything.
Theres nothing for me here.
Theres nothing for me here.
I gave you my life just to fade away.

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not emo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/09

The lyrics aren't emo at all, the person who wrote this was just telling how they feel about their life and their situation. That doesn't make it emo... this song definitely describes the situation alot of people are in, thats why its such a good song. People can relate to it. Not to mention the sick guitar solo =P

everyone | Reviewer: attack of the anonymous! | 1/30/09

This song is awesome, it's very emotional, and I believe that it can be considered emo (don't hate me, it's true), if you want that.

I believe that everyone know someone who can relate to this, or maybe can relate to it themselves.

Personally I have a f****d up mind, and i am in a f****d up situation in which I can relate to every Dope-song I've heard.

And now for making people hate me: you have to be f****d up to listen to Dope, and like it!

fuck everything but dope | Reviewer: zazo | 12/29/08

hey c'mon, this is DOPE, if anyone of you have known them better, no one would have posted that they're emo. i have troubles with my girlfriend too, same problem as much of the guy who posted here has.

but, people...

stop being a stupid fuck and check out ALL the Dope's songs.

edsel dope, it's now where he is just because he mixes up: dope, violence, and his very own feelings in every song of his band. every song could be recognized as a feeling. check out "DIE MF DIE" or "Everything sucks" or "Burn" or "today is the day" or "another day goes by"

you'll recognize a diffenent side of this amazing band every song you'll listen.

cuz they'r underground humans, and not commercial piece of shit that writes song to make out moneys just like everyone else.

Me. | Reviewer: HealerSayain | 3/11/08

I listened to this song on guitar hero the first time. My friend said that it was me. It is a kickass song, and when i read the lyrics, it is about me.

I don't think that this is a song about a girlfriend or boyfriend. To me, it's about giving everything to a parent, and watching it mean nothing. that's just me idea on it.

Emo-ish? | Reviewer: Jakeb95 | 2/27/08

Cool song, frickin mind blowin' awesome. I think the lyrics really mean something, and all you people who posted what it means to you makes it kinda emo-ish (and.. you all now hate me.) but it does. The words are emo-ish, It means alot though. =]

Amazing | Reviewer: Savior Sorrow | 2/17/08

This song had redeemed this band with me bacuse I hated them for awhile. This song actually represents how I feel right now because of my situation with this girl and I feel like there's nothing left for me in my godforsaken town.

SICK! | Reviewer: Ifrit | 12/29/07

song kicks ass, its the kind that you can really get into, and the solo...FUCK! you gotta listen to it over and over, you just can get enough of it, its fuckin awsome.

mirros how i feel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/07

well theres a girl who i love with everything i got and more and she isn't sure whether she feels the same way n theres people i wanna kill because they are trying to mess her up so she go's off me.

represents me... | Reviewer: touristus anonymus | 12/7/07

I rlly like this song cause I love a girl and I could give her my life, but she loves someone else, and this song sounds kinda violent, and violence is just the only thing I feel for the guy she loves... maybe am I a psychopat, or maybe am I just in love.

and this song is industrial rock, with a fucking good solo =]

badass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/07

this is an awesome song, kind of emo, but it's got a sick guitar solo that more than makes up for it. good punk rock.