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In pitch dark I go walking in your landscape
Broken branches trip me as I speak
Just cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there
Just cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there
There's always a siren singing you to shipwreck (don't reach out, don't reach out [x2])
Stear away from these rocks we'd be a walking disaster (don't reach out, don't reach out [x2])
Just cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there (there's someone on your shoulder [x2])
Just cuz you feel it doesn't mean it's there (there's someone on your shoulder [x2])
There there...
Why so green
And lonely [x3]
Heaven sent you
To me [x3]
We are accidents waiting
Waiting to happen
We are accidents waiting
Waiting to happen

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there there | Reviewer: Jess | 7/16/13

I think it's about two people who are lonely.. one who has feelings for the other, the other who doesn't (just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there).

I think the greedy part is because the other person who doesn't feel it, stays because they are lonely.

It's about the two parts of himself | Reviewer: Adrew | 12/31/12

He is writing from his emotional "voice" and putting into words the emotional experience he's having of searching for something and not sure if he's going to find it, and in being in eternal conflict about that.
His conscience speaks to him, almost as if externally, brining him back to earth, telling him things about his environment, "don't reach out". "there's something on your shoulder."

And an Angel reaches him, so he dreams, or hopes. And she comforts him and consoles him, and he feels as though he arrived. But he realizes that she's not there yet, and has to continue his search, and goes back to his emotional voice, searching, searching,,, like an "accident waiting to happen."

**That's the meaning..... (I think)

Pain | Reviewer: Sabrina | 9/19/12

In my humble opinion, I consider the main theme of this song to be PAIN and SADNESS that someone might experience for whatever reason. When he says " In pitch dark I walk in your landscape" he refers that he looks into the person's inner feeling seven though she is too sad. And just 'cos you feel the pain it doesn't mean it is there. There is always a siren singing you to shipwreck, even thouhg good experiences migt seem positive some of them will make you collapse emotionally. Don't reach out, just try not to have those experiences and steer away from those problems. There's some on your shoulder means that someone will help you go through this sadness and it is related to the recomforting "There, there". He wonders why is the person still sad and lonely if heaven sent him to help her and to be together. We are accidents wating to happen is that every one has problems and believe they are accidents but who hasn't thought og himself in that way.

I Don't wanna reach out, i don't know | Reviewer: K.t yeptho | 5/31/12

This song is paranoia love song. He loves a girl but he knew exactly what's gonna happen if their love is together and he don't want to make it happen, still then he felt for her love. He is completly disillusion about that love as he can't help himself coz he love but don't want to reach out to her.

poop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/12

you're all wrong heheheehehe.

this song is about having feelings for someone who may or may not be an actual living breathing human being. but then he decides to go for it and decides that this someone is in fact an actual living breathing human angel from heaven that will eventually turn into a plateaued mess of a lover. HELL YEAH FUCK YEAH




Radiohead there there interpretation | Reviewer: Alex | 10/28/11

It's supposed to be ambiguous as i'm sure one of the main prerogatives of a true artist is to conceal themselves yet in the same instance to scream out whats inside. Well, i think this song to start with is about paranoia and the fragility of human relationships/human mind (almost as one inseparable thing metaphysically). He paints visual references to a place in ones mind in the verses when your feeling troubled or lost and Thom is the calming narrator/singer comforting 'there, there' to himself and to the listener and holds that note on and drops a few notes after a few seconds in the song in supposed agony, replicating the struggle to muster strength in hard times whilst trying reassure. but also because of the awareness expanding and the deeper truth about to emerge in the lyrics...
I think what really got me was when 'heaven sent you to me' which in my mind in this context could only have been a newborn, seemingly fitting with 'there, there' and its nursery, rhythmic repetition of the phrase. And i think then when its almost the end and he says this lyric it turns this paranoia into the most humbling and profound song and justifies the worrying, the dark places and the torment one goes through for this one moment. And now as well himself, the lyrics find fearing for the young's safety, comforting it's future fears its completely oblivious to, and realising our own delicate mortality so aptly at the arrival of a newborn , and YET now completely aware at sciences anonymity and natures way of reproduction and the infinite life cycle of 'accidents waiting to happen'. Unbelievable, i probably got more out of this song then Thom did and i don't even have children.

love song and then some | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/11

I think this is a love song about relationships and their tumultuous beauty. Love isn't perfect, and it's sometimes a complex power struggle. We grow, accept and love our partner for who they are and not what we want them to be. "Heaven sent you to me, We are accidents waiting to happen" Could be interpreted as Love that is random and imperfect but still true love.

Unrequited love | Reviewer: Mizs713 | 5/30/11

This song is about unrequited love. It's about a man who mistakes someone's friendship for returned love. Most of song is a warning. The siren's song isn't referring to a person, but to love itself. Shipwrecks waiting to happen is referring to the fragility of the heart, and how easy it is to delude yourself into believing that someone has returned feelings for you and that you were meant to be. The phrases in the middle of the song are directed towards the friend - Thom is saying he can't understand why she's lonely - he's there for her, they were made for each other ("heaven sent you to me"). She may also be experiencing unrequited love - the fact that she's "green" may be an indication that she's jealous of someone. It's possible that the whole song may be directed towards her, giving it the subtle irony of a love scorned giving advice about unrequited love to the person he loves because she is in love with someone else. Maybe.

a novel idea | Reviewer: jordan | 3/29/11

Well, this is a total stretch, but for the fun of it: It's a song about The Great Gatsby.

It's Nick to Gatsby. He first sees Gatsby on his landscape at night. Gatsby feels it (his love for Daisy, his ability to repeat the past) but it isn't there (it's all an illusion). The siren is obviously Daisy, as her voice is the thing that can't be overdreamed. He reaches out. In fact, that's what he's doing when Nick first sees him that night. Nick is trying to console him. Why so green and lonely? Maybe a reference to the green light he reaches towards that night. Heaven sent you (Gatsby is "a son of God"). And lastly, of course, he is an accident waiting to happen. He's in the car that kills Myrtle which leads to his death.

Yeah, it's bs, but much of it eerily fits.

But then there's Catch 22...oh nevermind.

Romeo and Juliet-like Damned Romance | Reviewer: susan | 1/23/11

The song is about a dillusional, hopeless relationship
"Steer away from these rocks
We'd be a walking disaster
(Don't reach out, don't reach out )"
- they must avoid it because it would be " a disaster"

"Why so greedy and lonely?
And lonely
And lonely"
- he's either insulting himself or the other person

"Heaven sent you to me
To me
To me"
- obviously, he loves the girl. But what's confusing is that he says if they are together it will be a disaster, so why would heaven arrange them together as if their love was meant to be? Thom is contradicting himself.

"We are accidents
Waiting Waiting to happen."
- again, together= disasterous. Romeo and Juliet themed- I think.

Which is also kind of ironic..considering Radihead wrote exit music for the Modern Romeo + Juliet movie.

easy | Reviewer: sensitive | 3/17/10

Of course it's about depression, It's a Radiohead's song! come on...
It's funny how we all try to work out the meaning of it by analizing the only phrase we may understand "Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there" :)

rejection | Reviewer: inGulia | 1/7/10

I think this song is about two people and love. one person feels it, and the other one doesn't, so the first one gets rejected : "just 'cause you feel it doesnt mean its there." , "We'd be a walking disaster ". and as someone said before it's also about dangers that are always behind our backs, accidents waiting to happen to us because of our love. because with love always comes jealousy, whitch can cause problems, dangers and accidents. this song says that this relationship could never work out because these two people some problems and they are too different to be together. so my conclusion is that this song is about dangers that seek for us in places that we least expect, love too.

Pretttty sure this song isn't about the Environment | Reviewer: David | 11/13/09

Amirreza, I know you've got a right to your opinion - but this song is so obviously not about the environment, I don't know what song you're listening to but it's not There There!

Personally I think anilsghost has got it pretty spot on. It's pretty much the same as what Belmont said, but with a finer intellectual understanding.

there again | Reviewer: anilsghost | 10/22/09

i think it's about attempted love in a time of alienation, the absurd contradictions of such a thing. i see a dark parody of love ("heaven sent you to me") followed by the painful truth ("we are accidents waiting to happen.") overall there seems to be a sense of blindness and mistrust: "in pitch dark, i go walking in your landscape," and "don't reach out, don't reach out." in other words--nothing is as it seems. the song seems to embody a need to believe in the illusion of love while being continually confronted by its absence.

Blind faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

There There, for me, is a warning about the dangers of operating on blind faith.

"Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there," is an admonishment not to confuse feelings of comfort one finds in faith-based propositions for actual reality. Similarly, one needs to be careful of "sirens singing [one] to shipwreck." People bringing enticing prospects based upon such blind faith may seem "heaven sent," but following their advice and counsel often leads to foolish actions - and one becomes an "accident waiting to happen."

Hail to the Thief was released in 2003 as the United States was foolishly and blindly charging toward war in Iraq, following what was essentially blind faith in a man Thom himself referred to as a "twit" on Conan O'Brian's show. This song, preaching about the dangers of "walking blind" in naked faith fits perfectly in the main theme of the album.

Regardless, of the political mesage of te song, as so many Radiohead tracks are, this one is timeless and opaque enough that it's impact isn't lessened with the temporal removal from the events that surely inspired it. Musically speaking, it may be one of their most fullfilling songs - slowly building tension to a dramatic finish. It's undoubtedly one of their very best in a stellar catalog.

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