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Beach Boys Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2012 01:06:51 PM

There's a story told of a very gentle boy
And the girl who wore his ring
Through the wintery snow
The world they knew was warm
For their hearts were full of spring

As the days grew old
And the nights passed into time
And the weeks and years took wing
Gentle boy, tender girl
Their love remained still young
For their hearts were full of spring

Then one day they died
And their graves were side by side
On a hill where robins sing
And they say violets
Grow there the whole year round
For their hearts were full of spring

Thanks to VERNON KEELING for submitting Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring Lyrics.

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Beautiful song, great memories | Reviewer: -Mark | 12/13/12

I grew up with Bobby Troup playing a doctor on the TV show "Emergency," and was surprised to see his name on the sheet music for "Their Hearts Were Full of Spring" when I sang the bass part as a senior with my high school swing choir. That was 35 years ago, and I still find myself unexpectedly humming the tune or singing the lyrics (what I remember of them). Route 66 is another favorite tune that I had no idea was composed by Troup. I really need to collect some of his albums!

Hearts Were Full Of Spring | Reviewer: MaestroJim | 3/10/09

Thank you for the lyrics. The version I know was recorded by the 7th Army Soldiers Chorus in 1963 (not comercially available) and penned by James Blaine who was one of the original Lettermen (along with Connie Stevens) before they both left to pursue other careers. The Chorus recording is almost identical to the Lettermen recording. I have Blaine's original manuscript for the melody and chord symbols. A great piece and a great arrangement. The Lettermen version does not have the multiple chord progressions that I feel get in the way of the song.

Their Hearts were Full of Spring | Reviewer: Paul Thompson | 1/10/08

The composer was Bobby Troup, whose most famous composition was "Route 66", and the Beach Boys did indeed record this live on their second (?) concert album. Actually it bears an uncanny resemblance to "A Young Man Is Gone" on their "Little Deuce Coupe" album, also attributed to Bobby Troup, and both recordings are, more than anything else, the Beach Boys' tribute to the singing of the Four Freshmen - listen also to their wonderful live and studio versions of "Graduation Day", in which they beat the Freshmen out of sight IMHO.

[from Paul Thompson, Perth, Scotland, UK]

Their hearts were full of spring | Reviewer: William Kissinger | 12/26/07

I heard this song when I was 13 years old in 1958. It was the flip side of one of Jimmie F. Rodgers hits(which hit I don't remember). Anyway, I always thought how beautiful and simplistic this peice was. Jimmie did a wonderful job conveying it. Here I am 62 and I finally found the words this evening. Wonderful! William H. Kissinger

Beautiful song...beautiful arrangement | Reviewer: Barbara Torres | 6/22/07

I've loved this song since I first heard the Suntones sing this arrangement in Miami in the late 60's. The Beach Boys do a good job of singing the harmony but, unfortunately, they don't match the mastery of the Suntones.

I believe that the arrangement sung by the Beach Boys was made by Gene Cokeroft, the tenor of the Suntones. Is this true?

Please write to me if you know.

Barbara Torres
Gainesville, FL

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring | Reviewer: Bob Smythe | 5/10/07

I recently heard a song by this title played as a trumpet solo. The composer was listed as B. Troup. When I heard it I thought I was listening to Rebel Without a Cause, a tribute to James Dean sung by the Beach Boys. I'm curious:
-Who is the composer?
-Did the Beach Boys sing and record to the lyrics on your page?
-Where are the lyrics to Rebel Without a Cause?
Can you fill me in with the missing link?