Theatres Des Vampires Albums

  • Pleasure And Pain Album (2/3/2005)
    Pleasure And Pain
    Never Again
    Rosa Mistero
    My Lullaby
    Forever In Death
    Let Me Die
    Black Mirror
    Reason And Sense

  • Nightbreed Of Macabria Album (2/3/2004)
    Welcome To Macabria
    A Macabre Banquet
    Lady In Black
    Angel Of Lust
    Incubo #1
    The Jester's Shadow
    The Golden Sin
    Carnival Day
    Incubo #2
    The Curse Of Headless Christ
    Mourning Day
    The Undertaker And The Crow
    The Beginning Of The End

  • Vampyrisme... Album (9/15/2003)
    Beyond The Forest
    In The Wood
    Ancient Damned
    Woods Of Valacchia, Part 1
    The Dark Domain
    Walpurga's Night
    The Snow Turns Red
    The Impaler
    Kingdom Of Vampires
    The Enchanted Forest
    Lacríma Christi

  • Suicide Vampire Album (3/25/2002)
    Theatre Of Horrors
    Lilith Mater Inferorum
    La Danse Macabre Du Vampire
    Queen Of The Damned
    Tenebra Dentro
    Suicide Vampire
    Il Vampiro
    Der Makabre Tanz Des Vampires (German Extended Version)
    Enthrone The Dark Angel (Version 2002)

  • Bloody Lunatic Asylum Album (8/26/2001)
  • Jubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001 Album (3/25/2001)
  • The Vampire Chronicles Album (3/25/1999)
  • Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie Album (2/3/1996)

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