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Theatres Des Vampires Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2003 02:09:09 AM

Theatres Des Vampires crept towards darkness during the period known to mortal beings as 1994 A.D emerging from the sole battle of an immortal being known as Lord Vampyr who had been experiencing the forbidden arts since 1989 in deadly pacts with other creatures of the underworld.

Short periods of time pass, and Lord Vampyr signs a blood pact with various dark individuals, the result of this came around March of 1995 A.D. under the form of a promo tape entitled "NOSFERATU, EINE SIMPHONIE DES GRAUENS". This tape was highly lusted after and all copies of it were quickly sold out.

December 1995 A.D. sees the band once more in the dungeons, in the process of recording their new scars. Problems arose however, and the drummer left after one day of recording, eventually leading to the other members giving up their immortality, thus leaving the doom of the human race in the sole hands of Lord Vampyr once more, which sees "Vampyrìsme, nècrophilie, nècrosadisme, nècrophagie" as a result.

At the end of this age, Lord Vampyr once more sets out on a search for new brothers in blood; along these journeys , three promos follow and two live-shows full of horror references and ghostly atmospheres result. A change in look as well as more mature songs brings proposals for another full length release. The band sign an agreement with Alkaid Records and this results in "The Vampire Chronicles" in 1999 A.D.

"The Vampire Chronicles" gave the band the opportunity to play many live-shows. With the help of their blood brother David Bracci, an effect maker for Dario Argento, the Italian-Horror Maestro, Theatres des Vampires created live-shows with a real horrific atmosphere.

During the English Shows at Myth and Vampyria III, the English people remained shocked for the music and for the real vampiric taste: sex,blood,horror; this is the way that Theatres des Vampires present their live shows.

In these days of blood and power, the band have welcomed a new brother into their army Tim Fraser, the manager of Christian Death.

The result was "Bloody Lunatic Asylum" released on 2001 A.D.