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It is the springtime of my lovin'
The second season I am to know
Ya' are the sunlight in my growin'
So little warmth, I've felt before
It isn't hard to feel me glowin'
I watched the fire that grew so low

It is the summer of my smiles
Flee from me, Keepers of the Gloom
Speak to me only with your eyes
It is to you I give this tune
Ain't so hard to recognize
These things are clear to all from time-to-time


Talk, talk, talk, talk
I've felt the coldness of my wint-er-er
I never thought, it would ever go-oo-oh
I cursed the gloom that set upon us
But I knoh, that I love you se
But I know, that I love you so

These are the seasons of emotion
And like the winds, they rise and faal
This is the wonder of devotion
I seek the torch, we all must hold
This is the mystery of the quotient
Unh, upon us all, upon us all, a little rain must fall
It's just a little rain

Yeah, yeah...

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A time of life | Reviewer: Billbobaggins | 3/28/14

I used to listen to them every nite to every album and learned to play drums to Zep. It is John Bonhams style that I learned that got me in band after band. It gives me great pleasure in knowing that I can play the same beats as the master himself. The band just had a way of opening a whole different door to music. They were MASTERS in coming up with songs that made you come alive. I also love to fly my plane at night and I put in Zepplin and just fly through the nite with it in my ears. Its the most killer thing. God,,,and only God made these 4 guys come up with the best rock and roll ever played. Thank you Zep!!

Forever Greatful | Reviewer: JJames | 12/13/13

I have been a fan of Zeppelin from their infantcy and have loved every minute. Their music and lyrics are their own religious pilgrimage of brilliance. There will never be a band that can rise to this level of musical apptitude. I am please that Zeppelin was promted and rose to the occasion of Pink Floyd's challenge of writing a ballot so so beautiful.

sonic dream | Reviewer: Suzanne | 10/29/13

I first heard Rain Song at 3am at a frat party when everyone was off in other rooms. I was pretty buzzed, layed on the floor with my head between two stack speakers and the album was playing above me. I was transported to an otherworldly, neverending realm and it felt like I left my body. I was like..WOW. I'll never forget that song introduction.

rain song for my husband | Reviewer: jewels | 5/28/13

I've always been a zepplin fan since the 1st album. My husband of 25 yrs passed away in march of 2012 & he too was a fan. In the last week I've had the rainsong stuck in my head. I looked up the lyrics & immeditaly knew why. The words are haunting but true, for Us at least. Especially the part about speak to me only with your eyes. It was his eyes I fell in love with & we never had to talk just look at each other. Many more things but now I know. I love u alvin, especially those eyes....

Oldtimer loves it | Reviewer: Squire Darood | 5/16/13

I became a fan of LZ in late 60s. But after Led Zeppelin III, I sort of didn't follow them or buy their LPs. Still love their first three albums. Last week my wife and I went to a Led Zeppelin inspired concert accompanied by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Randy Jackson was the vocalist. The Rain Song was the third song played. I can't get it out of my mind. It is as haunting a song as I've ever heard. I looked at the lyrics...all I can say is they are mysterious. Why isn't music like this made anymore?

Pure Beauty | Reviewer: arielzeppelin | 1/8/13

This is one of my favorites by them. I don't think anyone will ever come close to tje talent and magic of Led Zeppelin. I dedicate this song to my husband and our firat (just born) child. It's perfect. Still a little sad he didnt want me to name her Kashmir or Rain. Lol

Bud. Please. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/12

Dear reviewer named Charles,

The rain song is on Houses of the Holy, which came out after led zeppelin IV and is their third to last studio album. The sound personified by the rain song is indicative of their later works, in opposition to the harder metal sound of led zeppelin II or III. chronology, man. Get it.

one of many titles that don't get radio play | Reviewer: charles | 7/9/12

I'm a big fan, I am at a loss that the best music never gets any radio time, Stairway to heaven granted good song but not their best by a long shot. This songs proves it. Their earliest works are the best they ever did.

Touched by Love, thx My Huny | Reviewer: Lisa Antone | 4/27/12

This song was dedicated to me by my boyfriend, when at his lowest point in life. I am so glad i had a chance to listen to it. Now i know he has regained hope and a new respect for life. That makes me feel ecstatic and special in a unique way. THANK YOU MY HUNY!! His love will see us thru, just believe....

rain song | Reviewer: lis | 3/8/12

This song has been meaninful to me way before I could even understand the lyrics. It has a strength in itself that puts you in a very special place, at least puts me. You might also wanna try "My Favorite Things", with Julie Andrews, turn the volume up 3 notches.

The song remains the same version | Reviewer: Randy | 8/6/11

Is better than the houses of the holy version. Since it is in a different key. The key of a minor ehich gives the song more emotion and feeling than the origi al. Page and jones really play well togethwr. Lyrically both simple yet complex in the meaning. What i get is that in order to appreciate the true love we have we must have the flame of love drenched in tears both literally and mystically. A truly great song with a depth of feeling unmatched

bellaboo | Reviewer: laurie | 7/5/11

to unheralded genius.i couldn't agree with u more. lost under the head phones in another world, rain song...., or any tune they ever did. we were kids too. i think that's the reason why you and i get so sentimental

Unheralded Genius | Reviewer: PasoFinoGal | 6/3/11

This takes me back. Waaay back. Sitting on the floor of my mostly empty first apartment in front of my little stereo system with the headphones clapped over my ears, I first listened to Rain Song play in a loop until my eyes were wet with tears at the beauty of it. And it's still so beautiful and even more meaningful some 34 years later.

The Best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/10

Great to know that others recognize the pure genius of LZ, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple (Why is it that the best bands ever were all British)? I heard this song again after many years when I watched the movie "Cemetery Junction." It's the last song in the film , and there couldn't have been a more perfect song chosen. If you really want to feel uplifted and blown away, watch the film!! The film makers did an absolutely masterful job of incorporating the song into the film!! If you loved this song before you'll love it even more when she appears just as the rain song reaches it's crescendo. The best!!

A song for the second chances | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/10

I have heard this song several time over the years and until I met someone very special it had no meaning, but as I really listened to it I understood so many things. How we fall in love when we are young and we stay with that person for so many years. We watch our love grow cold, the embers die and than the heat is just a fond memory, and we just live with once was a love. If we are lucky we realize before its too late that there is another life to begin, another life to live. Do we take the chance that we can recapture that fire? that we may hold it close to us and let it burn brighter than we could ever imagine?...not all of us are so lucky to be able to find that love later in life...I was and this song says it all...the second season I am to know...

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