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Wizard The prophecy Lyrics

Last updated: 01/23/2008 10:00:00 AM

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Where is Iduna
the goddess of life
who now would give the world-tree
water and life

So the gods'VE BEEN QUESTING her
all across the world
but no one could find her
where may she HAVE turned?

Odin rode to Mimir
and asked him for the truth
he had to give one eye
to hear the words of wisdom

The prophecy of the holy Norns
a tale of death and doom
Odin saw the FINAL sign
the end is coming soon

The prophecy of the holy Norns
THE world is doomed to die
fire in the sky
the end is coming soon

Odin has heard it
that Iduna serves in hel
he asked the queen of death
to set Iduna free

But she didn't want to go
in the dark she wants to live
where she could rest in peace
til the end of time

Tales of the oath
of death and doom
he saw the sign
the end is coming soon

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