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The Damned The dog Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2001 02:21:00 AM

she wanders alone through the night

a child with eyes burning bright

she extends her arms for an embrace a tiny smile

her ruby lips on her doll- like face

the danger's a mystery here

as she invites you to hold her near

her mirrored image could not be linked to

a woman's mind,so sharp and so distinct

like a swimmer in a secret sea

undecayed for all eternity

claudia,better stay away from claudia

the silkiness of her lips

as she bends low to kiss

a tiny seductress in ringlets and pearls you reel

in madness as the whole world about you whirls

like the tinkle of a small silver bell

her voice will put you under her spell

a crushed crysanthemum in her hand a beautiful doll of death

she'll take your dying breath

repeat chorus twice