The Zutons Lyrics

Abi Harding, Saxophone 20
David McCabe, Lead Vocalist 22
Boyan Chowdhury, Lead Guitar 23
Sean Payne, Drums 23
Russell Pritchard, Bass 23

The Zutons might have officially got together in the spring
of 2002, but this is where the story really starts. 2004
will see the release of their spectacular debut album Who
Killed The Zutons? It's an eclectic, carnival of brilliance
that will finally establish their unique identity for all
to see. As their singer/guitarist - the 23 year-old David
McCabe - points out this is the real sound of The More...

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Review about The Zutons songs
give me your love with kissing and hold me tight keep me in your soul with touch am they to hold you tight close you are my wife in the would i love you sooo much | Reviewer: david sarpong
    ------ About the song Why Won't You Give Me Your Love? performed by The Zutons

my sweetheart baby flower you are my angel shine to me anytimebbecuase is give you to me yes is blessing to me to hold you tight close to my skin you are only one are i love in my soul aam thing about you anytime becuase you are my everything in my life i thank that he bless this marriage to end of my life yesy you lovely woman beautiful flower shine like moon your sky light like your name diana ross and sweetheart david sarpong in the of jeuse christ and holy ghost in only spirit amen we thank youoOh god for whet you did to as davi and ross thank you amen
becuase we remember are self anytime we kiss we hold each other

amazing!!! | Reviewer: Juan Wong
    ------ About the song Moons And Horror Shows performed by The Zutons

this song is so amazing!!! so in the old fashion, but i luv it!!!!!

There just amazin arnt they | Reviewer: Dave Stowell
    ------ About the song Valerie performed by The Zutons

The zutons, well what can ya say, they come from one of the best cities in the world, they make amazin music and they've apperd on Soccer AM. Oasis are still my best band but the zutons are deffently a close second and valarie could well be one of the catchest songs ever written

Real Music | Reviewer: Daniel L.
    ------ About the song Havana Gang Brawl performed by The Zutons

The Zutons are the best soundmakers in all the lands. The mixed music is able to be heard, yet it is awsomely liked. The sounds are cleanly played and nicely done. I am a Zunons fan And I am pleanty sure I always will be. Thanks for sounding cool.

Valerie Review | Reviewer: Theresa
    ------ About the song Valerie performed by The Zutons

I love this song....The Zutons have made a hit with this one and I really hope they do well in the future.

Amazing | Reviewer: Emily-Parkin
    ------ About the song Zuton Fever performed by The Zutons

I searched The Zutons on Limewire a while back and it came up with this song, Ever since then it has been my favorite Song. You can't get better then The Zutons, They Are The best band ever.
Much Love
Emily P

Remember Me | Reviewer: Jonny
    ------ About the song Remember Me performed by The Zutons

What a gr8 song. arguably the best by the Zutons, although their whole album is awesome.

remember me | Reviewer: lucy
    ------ About the song Remember Me performed by The Zutons

this is such an amazing song. the best song i've ever heard!!!

wicked song | Reviewer: spidy
    ------ About the song Zuton Fever performed by The Zutons

Quality song cos the zutons r the best! They deserve to be listened to cso their sound is original and funky and i love Abi Harding!

Fab!!!!!!!!1111111111oneoneone | Reviewer: Rachel
    ------ About the song Don't Ever Think (Too Much) performed by The Zutons

This song is brilliant from start to finish!!!

The starting beat is amzing to jig/clap along too and that awesome beat is then repeated at the end!!!!

Great song to dance to if drunk!!!


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