The Zutons Albums

  • You Can Do Anything Album (6/2/2008)
    Harder And Harder
    Dirty Rat
    What's Your Problem
    You Could Make The Four Walls Cry
    Family Of Leeches
    Don't Get Caught
    Always Right Behind You
    Put A Little Aside
    Give Me A Reason
    Little Red Door

  • Tired Of Hanging Around Album (5/16/2006)
    Tired Of Hanging Around
    It's The Little Things We Do
    Someone Watching Over Me
    How Does It Feel?
    Why Don't You Give Me Your Love?
    Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!)
    You've Got A Friend In Me
    Hello Conscience
    I Know I'll Never Leave
    Bonus Tracks
    Are We Friends Or Lovers?
    In The City

  • Who Killed The Zutons Album (4/19/2004)
    Zuton Fever
    Pressure Point
    You Will, You Won't
    Havana Gang Brawl
    Long Time Coming
    Nightmare Part II
    Not A Lot To Do
    Remember Me
    Dirty Dancehall
    Moons And Horror Shows
    Bonus Tracks
    Don't Ever Think (Too Much)
    Creepin' An' A Crawlin'

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