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Parokya Ni Edgar The Yes Yes Show Lyrics

Last updated: 05/30/2012 11:00:00 AM

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*You better get ready for a big surprise
You think its almost over but it's only the rise
Mental message via visual contact
Nutter than men with a sexual soundtrack

Mo margarita for my cute seniorita
Triple the tequila just to hotten up the flavor
Joggin down on my JNB
While checkin up the fatso my dicks anatomy
Like trinity its like how with the keeps and
Controlling the game with my heavy duty joystick
[repeat *]

Flip the tip and skip to the next trip
Flashin some cashin some rock star bullshit
Goin in for this club movin in for the killer
Gad ell some room and a fancy butte liam
We got everything we need a big bag of money
A big a bag of wheat and try to impress out this thoughts to endress
Stop the press we need to get this
[repeat *]

I'd like to keep it going cause I gotta go unknown
But it's gevinchi turn on the microphone so...
My name is gevinchi and I am neat
I love pretty girls and I love to eat
I made this rap from my mind and I am very very kind
I like to drive faster than fancy cars and chicks dig me like chocolate bars
You say I'm bad but I am good so shut up now and eat some food

Tsong ano bang problema mo ayusin mo naman
Lagyan mo naman ng tono para kang nangangatwiran
Ano bang inaatupag mo sa bago mong apartment
Sampung taon kanang sikat wala ka bang ibang talent
Tsong ano bang sinasabi mo mali ang sinasabi mo
Magaling akong kumanta alam mo ba yung picha pie
Kung sa bagay mahusay nga naman yung picha pie
Gamit ang boses mong pamatay nilagyan mo ng kulay
Ang kanta diba kahit ikaw ang gumawa
Alam natin mas okay nung akoy kumanta
Tsong naman please lang wag ka nang magyabang
At alam mo naman na pang backup ka lang
At ilan na ba ang talagang nagawa mong kanta
Ilan... wala eh ano ngayon

Alam naman nating lahat na si Vinci naman talaga dapat
Ang vocalist ng parokya band parokya ni edgar

Teka lang one minute pwede bang pakiulit
Maaaring may lamang ka sa paligo subalit
Bakit mo naman nasabi na ikaw ang nararapat
Eh ni isang kanta man lang wala kang naisulat

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