The Yardbirds Lyrics

The Yardbirds were one of the important bands in the 1960s
London blues / pop / rock scene.

Early repertoire consisted of blues covers by the likes of
Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley.

Numerous personnel changes mean there isn't a definitive
Yardbirds line-up. However, Keith Relf (vocals), Chris
Dreja (rhythm guitar, later bass), Jim McCarty (drums) and
Paul Samwell-Smith (bass, until mid-66) formed the stable
part of the band, initially with Top Topham on lead guitar.

Their first album, "Five Live Yardbirds" was recorded More...

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Review about The Yardbirds songs
Mr Zero: The Ultimate Outsider | Reviewer: Michael Tanigawa
    ------ About the song Mr. Zero performed by The Yardbirds

Everyone else has someplace to be and people to be with, including Little Miss Someone. They are connected. Mr Zero, loving Little Miss Someone from a distance, languishes in his unrequited love and social isolation. Finally Little Miss Someone departs, leaving no forwarding address. Mr Zero now has no hope of ever expressing his love; he has lost.

from blues missionary David Houlgate | Reviewer: David Houlgate
    ------ About the song Dust My Blues performed by The Yardbirds

This song has a mysterious and enigmatic origin. The true author is unknown. We can site Robert Johnson as one of the first people to do this song and is noted as the author in music history, but I know there was some piano player in the south that did something similar at the same time. Elmore James' version stands as a definitive version with that wicked slide guitar-obviously. The title seems to pan between "Broom" and "Blues". The Yardbirds, doing many blues standards, became blues authorities in the early 60's.

What the hell were the two guys above talking about?? | Reviewer: Rock Snob
    ------ About the song Heart Full Of Soul performed by The Yardbirds

Snob: It appears from the available empirical evidence that person or persons of the aforementioned "Yardbirds" have instrumentalized and vocalized the titled composition with profound contrivance and distinction.


    ------ About the song Heart Full Of Soul performed by The Yardbirds

With all dispatch,melodic epitomes are indeed inglotic even in today's nocturnal alternitives.On the contrast the sleevage grants inturnable pintameters of a much needed sludge.

My review | Reviewer: Ray Zib Madrid
    ------ About the song Heart Full Of Soul performed by The Yardbirds

one of the great songs of heart broke passion for another man who is lost wthout this womans love, truly of what made the yardbirds so great.

Author of Hunting Jezebel
Ray Zib Madrid

Mr. You're A Better Man Than I | Reviewer: Duane
    ------ About the song Mr. You're a Better Man Than I performed by The Yardbirds

There are two versions of this song. A longer version has an extra set of lyrics. After the second chorus is an instrumental break then an additional set of lyrics are added. I believe they are something close to this.
Do you think if often the majority is right.
That men with individuality should never fight.
Can you hate a man that shouts out Freedom's cries.

Ha Ha Said The Clown | Reviewer: ichido
    ------ About the song Ha Ha Said The Clown performed by The Yardbirds

Knew this song as a ten yearold kid, when having no money, my dad would by singles, usually not very good but we lucked out with Ha Ha and Tinker Tailor and something by the Grassroots. Excellent song and fantastic lyrics. Most people problably would notknow that tinker tailor is a counting game played in England

Some part is missing | Reviewer: Mom in CA
    ------ About the song Mr. You're a Better Man Than I performed by The Yardbirds

Hi there,
My little son pointed out that there's a missing part between "Yeah, Mr. you're a better man than I" and "Can you condemn a man".
I'm not very good at catching the words, but it should start like this, "Do you think...all thing, the mutty...should never fight. Can you hate a man..."
If any of you are able to write this part down, could you please email me at I really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!

shake it up baby | Reviewer: rocking t
    ------ About the song Great Shakes performed by The Yardbirds

The take on the great shakes followed that of the 4 seasons who were flying high on Let's Hang On. The Y-Birds had neither the stateside cred nor the vocals to do justice to the advert. Thus it bombed

Gregorian Chants | Reviewer: Simon
    ------ About the song Still I'm Sad performed by The Yardbirds

In the Yardbirds by John Platt, Chris Dreja and Jim McCartney - Chris Dreja remembers that they used to invent Gregorian-style chants to pass the time away during the long trips in the van on the way to and from gigs.

Still I'm Sad was good, but a more haunting song was Turn Into Earth.

In the second and last verse of Still I'm Sad, the last line should be:
How I'm Sad
How I'm Sad
Oh - How I'm Sad.

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