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"I'm fucking sick of going to see bands and being bored. I
want to be blown away... It's not enough to be another
boring group. It's not enough, if you want to do anything."
(Ginger, Scuzz fanzine, 1993)

In the late Eighties, decadent rock 'n' roll bands like
Guns N' Roses and Skid Row were riding the crest of a wave
popularity-wise. However, by 1992, rock 'n' roll had become
a term of abuse for many people. Nirvana and Pearl Jam had
re-invented the rock musician as anti-star super-Christ.
Flamboyant behaviour was frowned upon and a More...

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Review about The Wildhearts songs
Pure Genius! | Reviewer: Dane F.
    ------ About the song Sky Babies performed by The Wildhearts

Some songs are just simply brilliant and others are brilliantly simple, and then you have Sky Babies. From its bouncing pop hooks to its heavy hard rock, it's tongue in cheek first versus into governmental conspiracies and political ingnorance. This roller coaster slice of brilliance is what makes Ginger a rare commodity in the stunted world of music. pure bloody genius!

EPIC AWSOMENESS! | Reviewer: Marty J
    ------ About the song Sky Babies performed by The Wildhearts

I Heard about this song from its reputation within the conversations of hardcore WildHearts fans. They often describe it as a Prog-Rock epic which really does this song a disservice. While most Prog-Rocks songs veer off into self-indulgent musical pretension, Ginger has written a song that can be divided into multiple segments, each of them melodic, loud, thrilling and tuneful at the same time. From its bouncy, cheerful first couple of verses to an uplifting outro veer the thrilling hard thrash of the section that starts with the line "this is it in layman's terms...", Sky Babies is quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever written. Far better, in fact, than the usual suspects that clutter up the normal top 100 lists.

My favourite tune | Reviewer: Kris
    ------ About the song Do Anything performed by The Wildhearts

This one is a killer. Lovely weary guitars for the first 2 mins and then it explodes at you. Brillant

One of the best songs ever written! | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song Sky Babies performed by The Wildhearts

Clocking in at over 11 minutes, the arrangments in the last two thirds of this heavily riff laden song make it *immense* and are used to an effect that will leave you breathless. Lead singer Ginger has been quoated as saying he has a sixth sense musically, and hearing this almost convinces you hes right!! Simply calling it a rock/metal song actually takes credit from from how good it is.

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