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In the annals of rock 'n' roll history, only a handful of
bands are recognized as among the greatest of all time.
Everyone knows the short list, and invariably, The Who is
on it.

Since joining together in 1963, The Who have consistently
created engaging and challenging music, much of it defying
easy categorization. That the band is together today,
thirty years after the release of their landmark 1970
concert album, "Live At Leeds", exciting new and old fans
alike, is a testament to their power and endurance.

Today, The Who remain as More...

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Review about The Who songs
Great work by Roger | Reviewer: greg
    ------ About the song Music Must Change performed by The Who

Roger Daltrey was unmatchable from Quadrophenia to the early 90s. This song shows how he can adapt his voice to any music style. It kind of makes up for the fact that there's no drum tack on this song

Songs for life | Reviewer: Stu
    ------ About the song The Song is Over performed by The Who

This and so many more of the Who's songs ,have formed a score to my life. I have been lucky to have lived near Roger , seen them play in Scotland & Wembly (still a force,even with just the ghost of Keith on stage)..and every time I play a tune it transports me back to the first time , to my boyhood bedroom, to past friends and lonely rain swept nights, when only the beating heart of the Who made sense and gave me a purpose, gave me a direction to follow. Their music still does this today powerful, so moving, so bloody exciting nothing else comes close, not for a million years .

Clarification | Reviewer: Scott
    ------ About the song 905 performed by The Who

This song was one of The Who tunes written and sung by John Entwistle. According to Wikipedia... The piece was written for a futuristic rock opera that Entwistle never completed.

Every Single Time | Reviewer: Brian L.
    ------ About the song Drowned performed by The Who

My eyes well up wit hotheads every single tim I hear this song, which is not really true of any other Who song, not even Love Reign O'ver Me. this is one of the greatest songs of all time. Thank you Keith.

Personal meaning to all who listen. | Reviewer: Baldy
    ------ About the song Real Good Looking Boy performed by The Who

A complete masterpiece.This song has a different and very personal meaning to everyone whom has ever heard it. When they perform it live,the song does become timeless and brings on many different emotions and memories.Yes it makes me well up every time i hear or sing it. Long live rock and long live the Who.

A timeless masterpiece | Reviewer: Scott
    ------ About the song Real Good Looking Boy performed by The Who

This song could have been written pre Face Dances in the Who's career. Its timeless and a wonderful song. A true classic which will be relevant and appreciated in another 40yrs just like all the other gems this band have produced over the years. THE WHO - You are the best !!

This is an awesome and incredible live performance | Reviewer: Campos
    ------ About the song Heaven and Hell performed by The Who

The Who developed this song to open their shows, catching the attention of the audience and giving each one of the musicians an opportunity to show their abilities. Despite this catch, the song is awesome and you can listen to it over and over again, every time you will notice a diffent bass line, a guitar riff and so on. What can we say of a think like that? Got have The Who, they deserve it, Keyth Moon and John must be right behind him, with feathers and harps like the song says.

The Fuck | Reviewer: JP Grant
    ------ About the song Who Are You performed by The Who

Actually, at least in the 2014 version of Rocksmith, the "fuck" is left in the audio line, but in the lyric scroll it just says "who are you". Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with 'hell' if that's what Daltry ever said, but he didn't, and I'm a purist. The radion version did not say 'hell' on the track, but 'fuck' was silenced ( I have both versions in my vinyl collection. Personally, I am glad that at least in the 2014 version they left it alone, as a kid we always thought it was cool that The Who managed to slip it in and FM would get away with playing it before 10PM. My parents we'rent happy about it, but us rebellious teens were.

sickness | Reviewer: wstar
    ------ About the song Amazing Journey performed by The Who

Sickness will surely take your mind
Where minds can't usually go.
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know.

To me this will always be among the best lyrics ever written. I've become seriously sick during the past years so I know these words have a very strong meaning.

Ghost of days gone by | Reviewer: Ralf 130856
    ------ About the song Pictures of Lily performed by The Who

As a young boy, born in 1956, Germany/Gelsenkirchen, i've heard this song in the sixties. It washed away all the boring waste of music
that we could find on the radio at this time.
So i found "my Lily" and she was the reason for many wonderful nights for a little boy on the way to be a man.
And i never will miss this time of experience and joy.
Many thank's for my Heroes, the WHO😉

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