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In the annals of rock 'n' roll history, only a handful of
bands are recognized as among the greatest of all time.
Everyone knows the short list, and invariably, The Who is
on it.

Since joining together in 1963, The Who have consistently
created engaging and challenging music, much of it defying
easy categorization. That the band is together today,
thirty years after the release of their landmark 1970
concert album, "Live At Leeds", exciting new and old fans
alike, is a testament to their power and endurance.

Today, The Who remain as More...

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Review about The Who songs
alternate version | Reviewer: Aladinsane
    ------ About the song Love Ain't for Keeping performed by The Who

i Just heard a version of this on youtube "the who-Lifehouse (who's next) studio sessions, 1971" wow!!! this was one of my least favorite on the album (though i like it) listen to the youtube version, incredible!!!! i love this band and i've been listening to them for 40 years, still amazing.

Neede to read it to understand it | Reviewer: Hot Shot Fred
    ------ About the song My Wife performed by The Who

I've been listening to this song since at least 1989 on The Who's Greatest Hits but I never comprehended the following lines until I read them on the web:

Murdered in cold blood is what I'm gonna be

Give me a bodyguard
A black belt Judo expert with a machine gun

She thinks I've been with another woman
And that's enough to send her half insane

better world | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Won't Get Fooled Again performed by The Who

governments should control prices so everyone gets a good deal. And stop evil with fair punishment. And tax religion, so it loses popularity. I mean, no one wonders why God is invisible and undetectable. People should colonize space, where we could obtain endless resources and room for expansion.

    ------ About the song I'm A Boy performed by The Who

Pete was going to make a rock opera about a dystopian future where boys are not favorable, due to population issues, so they bring their boys up as girls. If anything, it's a statement to places like China where they abort kids for not being the gender they want.

Out here in the fields...... | Reviewer: Doobie Wa
    ------ About the song Baba O'Riley performed by The Who

First song on the old LP sets the tone for a generation.... Lovely to see this song as relevant today to so many new fans as it was when it first came out. And to think Pete came up with these intro sounds back in the dark days of analog synths and multitrack tape.

Wild man Moonie and the stoic Ox holding down the rhythm, Pete with the key overlays and slashing guitar chords and Roger wailing away - live they were best described as 'controlled chaos' leaving themselves and the audience exhausted after every show.... Peace

    ------ About the song Behind Blue Eyes performed by The Who

All I know is what I learned from a person who had a choice between going to prison or joining the military. He chose military; and to my surprise I worked along side him when I found out his past. He talked about prison terminology and the term "Blue Eyes" (sexual predator to all ages of children and women). So the song means to me much more from the perspective of what this person described would happen to those who came into the prison system termed "Blue Eyes".

The albumTommy | Reviewer: Lynne
    ------ About the song Pinball Wizard performed by The Who

I remember when this album came out. It was in 1969. I was 14. I loved this album. I loved The Who. This song was not about Jimi Hendrix. Albeit, Jimi Hendrix was a FABULOUS guitarist. I was in 7th grade (12) and had his first album. It was phenomenal. But,I digress.
This IS a song about pinball. Also, an aside for the person who stated pin balls usually were played with 3 balls. When I was a (self proclaimed, that is), Pinball Wizard, a game was 5 balls. You could get 5 games for 25 cents. The really big emphasis on playing clean is, waaaay back then, you could really bump and grind on a pinball machine. Yes, you COULD make it TILT, but they became far more sensitive later. Also, I WAS a good pinball player. I played fairly clean. It was not unusual for me to rack up 20+ free games after a few years. I began playing when I was 10. It was great. Still is.

Thanks for the celestial ride! | Reviewer: Suzanne
    ------ About the song Eminence Front performed by The Who

"Eminence Front" is the most delicious, exquisite, complicated, unique rock music I have heard in a long time. I would put it right up there with "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys; another wonderful complicated music invention.

Eminence Front I believe is a slap in the face of all the rah…rah…self-important, phony-baloney, good time, rock'n'rolling sycophantic parasites that rock Gods, like The Who, have to put up with. There is a little of that in the song and now that I have the lyrics, I understand it better. Not only am I losing my hair ("the big wheel spins, the hair thins") and looks, I'm losing my hearing! How I got "Living in the Funk" from "Eminence Front," I will never know. It is sad, but we all turn to crap eventually. Eminence Front was placed on on my Sonos yesterday. Yeah! I love it, can play it till my brains fall out. It appears that Eminence Front is about people assuming the pose of the good life, but not really living. At any rate, the music and the composition are just remarkable. How do they do it?

"Eminence Front" starts out with a seductive, tender and soft instrumental. The piano and xylophone synthesizer come in at 12 seconds. At 40 seconds BAM! Baby BAM! The drums enter the score, then you really get a taste of what's coming. It is a wake up call. They have been lulling us into their web of magical music, now we have to brace ourselves; something big is coming. The guitar enters at l minute 20 seconds and at 2 minutes the lyrics start. At 2 minutes 39 seconds the title "Eminence Front" arrives and you go, Wow! That is profound! I have never heard such an eloquent description of wasted, fraudulent lives. "The shares crash, hopes are dashed" oh yeah…..that is living in our material world. At 3 minutes 18 seconds, there is a little instrumental bridge and at 3 minutes 25 seconds there is this incredible chord change right down the scale: "Come and join the party. Dress to kill. Won't you come and join the party. Dress to kill. Dress to kill." Man, it is breath-taking. The chord change takes place again at 5 minutes 54 seconds with basically the same lyrics, this time the chords go up. At 5 minutes 36 seconds: "Dress yourself to kill." Wham! The music and everything stops. You, the listener, has been seduced into a mellow lift off on an amusement ride at Disney Land and you end up in a rocket inundated with celestial wondrous and seemingly unending frequencies. You wish this music could go on forever. But everything stops and the vehicle is suddenly out of gas. Boom! Time to come back to earth.

    ------ About the song 5:15 performed by The Who

After 35 years of dissecting the lyrics of 5:15, I still don't know what Pete meant. I do know it's still one of the greatest songs ever. I saw The Who in Worcester Massachusetts USA in 1982, 18th row on the floor and this song blew us all away!

Greatest Who song ever recorded- | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Can See For Miles performed by The Who

Somebody needs to put it out again, preferably what is left of the Who.
Townsend was very, very right. Its genius.
Agree that the lyrics in question is "well, that just may be" and ...Taj Mahal "I can see on clear days"..

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