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In the annals of rock 'n' roll history, only a handful of
bands are recognized as among the greatest of all time.
Everyone knows the short list, and invariably, The Who is
on it.

Since joining together in 1963, The Who have consistently
created engaging and challenging music, much of it defying
easy categorization. That the band is together today,
thirty years after the release of their landmark 1970
concert album, "Live At Leeds", exciting new and old fans
alike, is a testament to their power and endurance.

Today, The Who remain as More...

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Review about The Who songs
Greatest Who song ever recorded- | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Can See For Miles performed by The Who

Somebody needs to put it out again, preferably what is left of the Who.
Townsend was very, very right. Its genius.
Agree that the lyrics in question is "well, that just may be" and ...Taj Mahal "I can see on clear days"..

Bargain | Reviewer: Scott Leahy
    ------ About the song Bargain performed by The Who

Just another classic from an album where each song is a classic. IMO "Who's Next" is the greatest album of all time. You know it is great when you think the song "My Wife" is the best song on the album, and that song, along with "Love Aint for Keeping" are probably the two least played songs on the album.

Forget the lyrics- listen to the band! | Reviewer: Rich
    ------ About the song Won't Get Fooled Again performed by The Who

Who gives a proverbial what the words mean? This songs shows the true strength of probably the world's best live band. Daltrey is always enthusiastic. Townshend completely inimitable in his style etc. John Entwistle gives one of the best ever bass riffs and Keith Moon is simply brilliant. This songs shows them all at their best - an all-time classic. The words? Well we can argue till the cows come home but let's just listen to the band.

The Who | Reviewer: longtrot
    ------ About the song Baba O'Riley performed by The Who

first saw them in 1974 at 18 years old Iwasted at least 6 earlier years not going to see them now I am 57 and have seen them some 50 times and I want more they are the best live band ever and like a true champion they do not want to give up their crown I look back and regret the concerts I did not go to they have kept an old bastard a little bit younger

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Abbigail Alvarado-Cruz
    ------ About the song I'm A Boy performed by The Who

"I'm A Boy" was a single released by The Who. It quickly flew to the top of the charts (#2 in U.K.) in August 1966. Unfortunately it did not achieve the same success in the United States. Like most believe, the song was written for a rock opera that was to be made about a time when parents could chose the sex of their children. Unlike what most people believe, the song is not about a couple ordering four biological girls and getting three biological girls and one biological boy. It is about the couple ordering four biological girls and one of those girls having a female sex but a male gender. He is a transgender male. He has female parts but is a boy (as far as his gender goes).
He is forced to dress and act like a girl but he knows that he isn't. He wants to do masculine things but he is denied, discouraged, even beaten "I'm a boy, I'm a boy. But my ma won't admit it. I'm a boy, I'm a boy. But if I say I am, I get it".
It is a pro- lgbtq statement about what a young trans-person has to face and their feelings about how society treats and acts towards them.

sublime | Reviewer: Publius
    ------ About the song I Don't Even Know Myself performed by The Who

Some great thoughts expressed above in the comments. This is a beautiful song and Pete is a great writer. Anything I could say about The Who and this song would be superfluous besides the fact that this song is sublime.

Solo Townshend | Reviewer: JudoWayne
    ------ About the song Rough Boys performed by The Who

Just for the record, this is not a Who song. It's from a solo Pete Townshend album, Empty Glass (1980). You guys have it listed as The Who. I know some people will argue that Townshend IS The Who, but his solo work is seperate. You gotta keep'em separated.

Great work by Roger | Reviewer: greg
    ------ About the song Music Must Change performed by The Who

Roger Daltrey was unmatchable from Quadrophenia to the early 90s. This song shows how he can adapt his voice to any music style. It kind of makes up for the fact that there's no drum tack on this song

Songs for life | Reviewer: Stu
    ------ About the song The Song is Over performed by The Who

This and so many more of the Who's songs ,have formed a score to my life. I have been lucky to have lived near Roger , seen them play in Scotland & Wembly (still a force,even with just the ghost of Keith on stage)..and every time I play a tune it transports me back to the first time , to my boyhood bedroom, to past friends and lonely rain swept nights, when only the beating heart of the Who made sense and gave me a purpose, gave me a direction to follow. Their music still does this today powerful, so moving, so bloody exciting nothing else comes close, not for a million years .

Clarification | Reviewer: Scott
    ------ About the song 905 performed by The Who

This song was one of The Who tunes written and sung by John Entwistle. According to Wikipedia... The piece was written for a futuristic rock opera that Entwistle never completed.

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