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John Anthony Gillis was born in Detroit, Michigan on July
9, 1975 to Gorman McKenzie Gillis and Terresa (no last name
given). He was the tenth child in his family and the
seventh male child. He considers it to be a lucky number;
the seventh male child is always different.

As a child he enjoyed music. At age eleven he took up
playing drum. Later he wanted to play guitar and piano
along with his drumming so he taught himself how to play
them. He had liked Led Zeppelin and Cream and played around
with them but it wasn’t until he was he More...

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Review about The White Stripes songs
LOVE this song! | Reviewer: Jonnie Love
    ------ About the song Icky Thump performed by The White Stripes

If you don't like what's going on with immigration go tell your congressman it will do about as much as you guys complaining on a song lyric site! My Dad is an awesome guitar player, my Mother too- but when I showed these comments my Dad said all these whiners are lazy, they have time to bit** on this site but won't take time to e-mail congress or their senator. This is an awesome song. PERIOD! Quit overthinking it.

you were hearing a different song. | Reviewer: squirrel.
    ------ About the song The Denial Twist performed by The White Stripes

This is a reflection, and it sums my experience. I used to think i new what luv was and i used to get hurt alot, and mad, and confused about it; i was in my own bubble the entire time, sort of a selective hearing thing. So many songs she used to play but i always missed the main meaning that could have kept us together. Its better late than never to wake up. No more Denial.

The way I see it | Reviewer: Bpd
    ------ About the song Seven Nation Army performed by The White Stripes

It's about trying to leave an addiction. Working hard to get away from it and wanting it back. This also happens to be the same sort of addiction someone trying to escape a girlfriend with borderline personality disorder. Anyone who has tried to leave a bpd will know exactly what the longing and craving feelings are like. Nothing, not even a seven army nation, can stop the craving. It's about some sort of addiction for sure and since he has other songs/lyrics like "little ghost" I think it's about trying to leave a bpd partner.

Big words, little mind... | Reviewer: Cliff
    ------ About the song Party Of Special Things To Do performed by The White Stripes

Ripoff? It's a cover of a great song, sang in appreciation. Your looking at things all wrong. Keeping the song alive, and bringing it to a younger generations attention is admirable, not desecration. Beefheart and other peers covered many songs, with a fresh re-imagining, and that is a very respectable tradition, dating long before either artist.

The party of descration. | Reviewer: If ya got ears!
    ------ About the song Party Of Special Things To Do performed by The White Stripes

It`s really a drag when a rip off for self aggrandisement drives a bulldozer over all the magical qualities, humor and subtleties of the original. While the critics rated this period an artistic lowpoint for Beefheart-the difference between the the original and the rip off is like heaven and hell.

Sixties-ish Sound | Reviewer: Heisenberg
    ------ About the song It's True That We Love One Another performed by The White Stripes

Leave it to Jack White. What a cool sound, with a big assist from Holly Golightly. This song would've fit in well with the counter-culture on Haight/Asbury. My only complaint is that it's too short. "Cup o' tea then Bruce, let's celebrate!"

Great Song | Reviewer: Cheryl Moore
    ------ About the song Little Ghost performed by The White Stripes

My grandkids and I watched Paranorman over and over that I ended up just buying it from the Redbox.. And after the movie I have to play the song over and over.. I downloaded the song from Itunes and its on both their Ipads.. Love the song !! And it fits !

shell-shocked | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Seven Nation Army performed by The White Stripes

The powerful beat & lyrics combine to reveal an equally powerful message and "everyone knows about it." We've all heard about the New World Order but yet many choose to keep the concept in the recesses of their minds because the reality of it is that disturbing. "If I catch you coming back my way I'm gonna serve it to you. And that ain't what you wanna hear" illustrating that same notion of keeping it hidden in our minds. It's not what we want to hear. But once you realize its power has overcome you, you are a part of serving it too. "I will think no more" captures the sense of the powerful Order controlling the actions & work of the servant population. While so many other interpretations of the lyrics lend opportunity, I think artists produce their works from very motivating & concerning topics, much like the New World Order. The lyrics refer to global particulars such as 7 nations & lord; communication to a higher cause.

I'm Gonna Work the Straw | Reviewer: Goober Fan
    ------ About the song Seven Nation Army performed by The White Stripes

In the early 90's Jack White was the drummer for Detroit cow-punk band Goober and The Peas. A trademark of the band's live shows was to throw a lot of straw into the air and crowd. This phrase is a shout-out to his old band.

The Meaning is Clear | Reviewer: Who Dat Nation Girl
    ------ About the song Seven Nation Army performed by The White Stripes

Read the lyrics carefully. It is clearly about someone strung out on drugs, tired of it and wanting to go home to be free of it all. The last verse mentions the stain of blood.....the drugs were used via a needle. The Seven Nation Army is not critical to the meaning of the song, but rather is implying that being so amped up on drugs, no one could handle him. A few lines refer to the paranoia that comes with massive drug use. Makes sense now, doesn't it?? If you have never used a lot of drugs, talk to someone who has and ask them what they think. They will agree with me.

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