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The Wheel Workers Biography

Last updated: 01/21/2013 05:57:06 PM

Steven Higginbotham - Vocals, Guitar, Ukelele
Jason Williams - Bass Guitar
Craig Wilkins – Guitar, Keyboard
Allison Wilkins McPhail – Keyboard, Vocals, Theremin
Jason Carmona – Drums

Since late 2010, The Wheel Workers’ crisp sound and intelligent lyrics have earned them growing recognition in Houston’s active indie rock scene. In early 2011, lead singer Steven Higginbotham composed and recorded their critically-acclaimed debut album, Unite. Andrew Dansby of the Houston Chronicle praised it as a “lush and radiant pop album.” Paul Viscontini of The Loop Scoop wrote: “The lyrics are full of ‘everyman’ struggles of day-to-day life and love… Unite is a record that will demand an audience from a hungry Houston music scene."

Signing to ZenHill Records in late 2011 just before the national release of their debut album Unite, The Wheel Workers enjoyed substantial success, earning airplay on nearly 140 stations across the US and charting on several CMJ reporting stations. Following up quickly on their first release, the band is releasing a vinyl single in June 2012 featuring tracks that originally appeared on Unite, but were rerecorded and reimagined with the help of legendary Houston producer Dan Workman.

The Wheel Workers have played regularly around Texas, receiving airplay on local radio stations, performing at SXSW in Austin, enjoying the honor of playing on the same stage as The Flaming Lips at Free Press Summerfest in Houston, and opening for national touring acts such as Miniature Tigers, Elf Power and The Coathangers. Jeremy Hart of Space City Rock has described them as “one of the coolest bands in Houston.”

The band is currently recording their sophomore album at SugarHill Studios with Dan Workman. An early demo from the album, “Chemicals,” was recently featured on The Earth Day Network’s website as a winner of their “Song of the Earth” contest. The as-yet-untitled sophomore album will be released Fall 2012.