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Immolation The Weight Of Devotion Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2007 12:00:00 PM

Dragging me down, there’s nothing left of this broken man
Bearing this weight, it weakens me day by day
Try to find change, but I’m looking through jaded eyes
Leave me here, I know no other way to live

Using the fear…to suffer the pain
Driven by rage…in this manic mind
A life of service…a life in ruin
Shattered so slowly…ever so completely

I’ve given so much…it’s stolen my soul
I’m nothing at all…it defines my being
The pleasures of life…elude me still
Cast me out…cast me down

The hate inside me…overcomes the world
It empowers me…It elevates me

My devotion blinds me…the darkness finds me
Heavy on me…weighing down on me

This devotion drives me…my actions haunt me
Crushing me…crushing down on me

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