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Girl walks into a bar...
Her name is Deb Talan. She’s an up and coming
singer/songwriter who has garnered tremendous word-of-mouth
support and critical praise for her debut CD, Something
Burning. Boston’s legendary music venue Club Passim has
become her performing-home, but tonight she’s there to
check out a new songwriter she’s been obsessing over, a
musician from New York City named Steve Tannen. She’s been
listening to his debut CD, Big Señorita, non-stop for about
a month.

Guy walks into a bar...

His name is Steve Tannen. He’s More...

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Reviews about The Weepies songs

Citywide Rodeo | Reviewer: Mallory
    ------ About the song Citywide Rodeo performed by The Weepies

On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd have to give this song an 8.5. Deb's voice is so calming, I can almost make my bed and I especially love the intro; the lead guitar is complex, yet relaxing. The lyrics are clever and deep, and all the sounds just seem to fit together perfectly. It is just a great example of the art that is unrecognized indie.

Meaning? | Reviewer: gena Metildi
    ------ About the song World Spins Madly On performed by The Weepies

To me.... this song is initially happy sounding in the beginning with a cheery acoustic guitar

but when you listen to the lyrics, its so sorrowful

i hear someone whos let something very dear slip from between their fingers,

"Slept right through the dawn"

theyre comparing a sunrise, an epiphany or beautiful sight to someone whos come and left and they didnt seize their chance to behold it

they lay in bead and wish that they were dead because they missed out on the best there was to be and have no reason to get up and carry on now because the day is gone and they no longer care and say just "let the world spin madly on" without them

explain. | Reviewer: Dorothy Joy
    ------ About the song Somebody Loved performed by The Weepies

"Gotta Have You" and this song are my absolute favorites. If I were to explain how someone's changed me in a positive way, to the best of my ability, I would sing this song. It's one of my comfort songs when something's going wrong in a relationship.

The Weepies are romantic and realistic. Heavy thinkers, yet relaxed. They're one of those bands I'd call "transcendence in the form of sound".

love this | Reviewer: Salina
    ------ About the song Gotta Have You performed by The Weepies

The Weepies = Talent

Amazing song. This one is very cute in particular. Perfect for anyone in a relationship who feels the tug of bittersweet love.

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