The Weakerthans Lyrics

The Weakerthans write and perform songs with voices,
guitars, and drums. Critically hailed and impossible to
categorize, they have developed a strong and dedicated
following that crosses the boundaries of genres and
fashions. Labels like Punk or Alternative or Rock may seem
appropriate, but they would hope Honest would do.

"We write the only songs we know how to write: songs that
reflect the place we come from, musically and
geographically, the community we live in, and the struggle
for any one person to connect with another in a More...

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Review about The Weakerthans songs
    ------ About the song My Favourite Chords performed by The Weakerthans

This song. Just amazing. Why bands like these aren't more popular than all the others just blows my mind... I think that these guys should be way more popular than Owl City or even One Republic. These peoples are amazing.

Nope | Reviewer: Mo
    ------ About the song Plea From A Cat Named Virtue performed by The Weakerthans

It really probably isn't a cat to do with anyone in the band. The fact that they like cats probably allowed them write this, but it seems this song is about an Old woman/Maybe Man.

Things they miss- The Cold War ad card catalogues are hardly in the bands time frame. Parlour games - another reference.

This song is about a cat being honest with its owner about how it knows they are better than what they've become and how they're hiding behind lies so not to get hurt or regret their life. 'Sharp edge of a century' also suggest the person is older especially in the context of the surrounding metaphorical lines.

It is definately a retrospective look at someones life. Who's? I don't know.

Some of the comments on here scare me with how stupid they are.

Heard About This Song At The Pool This Morning | Reviewer: Rose DeShaw
    ------ About the song One Great City performed by The Weakerthans

Immediately went home and googled this song by the Weakerthans. We drove through Winnipeg (and got lost in it and yeah, there WAS somebody stalled in the turn lane) and we couldn't see HOW we got lost when you could see so far in every direction. In the pool this morning, while the woman was telling me about this song, another woman came up and began complaining about the 'awful crime' in the north end and how at her daughter's workplace there, nobody can stay after 6pm because of the danger. It sounded just like any other tough neighborhood on the 'wrong side of the tracks.' Like my own here in Kingston, Ontario. Love the song!

Makes me MISS Winnipeg | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song One Great City performed by The Weakerthans

This is an awesome song, and I listen to whenever I get homesick for family and friends that are still there. I moved to Vancouver because I felt Winnipeg was a s#$%t hole... but It will always be my home. I hate it... I love it.

Bring back the Winnipeg Jets!

song | Reviewer: na
    ------ About the song One Great City performed by The Weakerthans

you have to have lived in winnipeg to truly understand the song especially the last verse because the north end is so ghetto and the reason people dont move away is because they have family here, a job and everywhere else is like twice as expensive.

VIRTUTE | Reviewer: Gawain
    ------ About the song Plea From A Cat Named Virtue performed by The Weakerthans

The cat's name is VIRTUTE not Virtue - I made the same mistake originally. It's pronounced Ver-tu-tay according to So any references to 'virtue' are probably not relevant.

I love how the cat is recommending some of its own lifestyle habits, like 'lie down/lick the sorrow from your skin/scratch the terror'. It's quite amusing, and really cool. Great song.

Careful... | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song Plea From A Cat Named Virtue performed by The Weakerthans

Just want to leave a note that one of the first things to keep in mind when reading and analyzing poetry is to never assume the writer is the speaker, or in this case, even the 'speaker's' owner. The song could quite possibly have nothing to do with Samson himself, or perhaps contains bits and pieces of realism, but in no way should we assume that Virtue's owner is Samson himself.

My favorite song for where I'm at. | Reviewer: Cass
    ------ About the song Plea From A Cat Named Virtue performed by The Weakerthans

This song has a double meaning for every line, almost. The song represents what Sampson imagines what his cat would say to him, and simultaneously it's really him telling himself what he already knows: He's become weak-hearted, possibly depressed, and complacent with things he really doesn't enjoy (such as t.v., drinking, staying by himself and alone) instead of living his life as he know he should. Hence the cat being named "Virtue", or what he knows is right, yet not paying enough attention to his own sense of virtue, as echoed in the very first line, "Why don't you ever want to play?". I won't go line by line, but suffice to say the meaning is there if you look well enough. Truly an inspiring song.

Response to Alec | Reviewer: JayMac
    ------ About the song Plea From A Cat Named Virtue performed by The Weakerthans

I think this song is about a combination of John's close connection with his cat, as we see on the album, "Reunion Tour" there is a song titled, "Virtue the Cat Explains Her Departure" (about the life of his cat and her passing away) and him kind of imaging himself as his cat sees him. Many psychologists say that the way we image people view us is how we truly view ourselves. In this song the cat sees him as a depressed person sleeping all the time, not eating, singing bitter song. The only inclination that we get his depression is caused by a sour relationship is in the line, "I don't know who you're talking to
I made a search through every room, but all I found was dust that moved in shadows of the afternoon." Which can imply that he is maybe talking of the phone to someone or more likely he is talking to himself.

Great song | Reviewer: Alec
    ------ About the song Plea From A Cat Named Virtue performed by The Weakerthans

It's a fantastic song, but you fellows know that it isn't really a song from a cat's POV, right? Think more inter-personal relationship. Perhaps old John Sampson had some girl troubles? As for the Girlie drinks & Parlour Games, he's trying to tell this woman to go out, stop being so introspective, and do what she once did. Live.

The Cat's point of view is just a brilliant way to achieve this fly-on-the-wall observation point for this troubled woman.

Or I could be wrong, and he just really connects with his cat. Could be, I suppose.

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