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12 Stones The Way I Feel Lyrics

Last updated: 05/09/2011 11:00:00 AM

The Way I Feel Lyrics

Lately I've been wandering
Off the narrow path
You've given me so many things that I've never had
All in all I know it's you that always pulls me through
If you reach deep inside you'll see my heart is true

Cuz I hate the way…I feel tonight
And I know I need you in my life
Yes I hate the way I feel inside
And I promise to make the sacrifice…yeah

Come on

The world I know is pulling me, more and more each day
I feel like the odd man out as I begin to pray
Spiteful eyes are watching me
With everything I do
In the midst of darkness, Lord
My spirit calls for you

Cuz I hate the way I feel tonight
And I know I need you in my life
Yes I hate the way I feel inside
And I promise to make the sacrifice yeah
(You know sometimes deep inside...)
I feel like death...

Cuz I hate the way I feel tonight
And I know I need you in my life
Yes I hate the way I feel inside
And I promise to make the sacrifice
Yes, I hate the way I feel tonight
And I know I need you in my life..yeah
The way I feel, I hate the way... the way I feel...

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note | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

This song really just has to do with how he wants to get back to Jesus because he is done with going through the same steps in his life. This song has nothing to do with all of our love lifes just the one that you do or don't have with God...

mysavior | Reviewer: eye_n_d_rain | 4/29/11

the first time i heard the song i didn't really focus on the lyrics, i thought it was just like many other songs talking bout broken relationships, i was just amazed of its tune so i searched its lyrics on the net, it was then that i found out that it is not just a simple is about me making my way back to God.

my worship focus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/09

first time i heard this song, it came from my ex fiancee. then i looked up the lyrics and read into them. i had been attributing this song and others to his love. I did not realized that this song was about God, and that by thinking of my fiancee at the time was actualy a bit more like worship. once seeing the song in the light of Christ, i feel ashamed and encouraged.

This song helped me out in the time of need | Reviewer: Joshua | 12/20/08

Well my name is josh and this song helped me when i lost my g/f i got back now when i lost her this song matched my exact feeling and i showed her it and she thought it was sweet if it wasn't for this song i'd probly would of lost it and flipped

Praise the Lord | Reviewer: Anvesh | 9/1/08

God ad my savior Jesus led me to this song...It just blew me away!!!
he talked me through this song...
and he gave it at the right moment ..and i mean the EXACT MOMENT OF MY REPENTANCE .....
I was asking GOD To come into my life and turn my stubborn and unrepentant heart to a heart of flesh which can have the word of sink into it rather than just roll over it as over a stone!!!

its amazing How God has been choosing to reveal his love in my life...and i know he is doing so in everyone's life and i pray that everyone would realize what God wants to tell each one of us
every moment...and give us the eyes to help us see the way he sees ...the way he sees things as everything is possible..
The way he talks us...he talks in a comforting way and he is the only person who can really comfort us!!!
if your reading this reply of mine and feel blessed ...its also bcoz of the Holy dont feel the Holy Spirit cannot be with you...

I was in a dangerous addiction .....and i just asked him to help me and this is how he talked to me and helped me repent!!
My God and my Dad never left me friends....When i called upon him HE ANSWERED ME!!! HE STILL ANSWERS AND WILL ALWAYS ANSWER...COZ I BELONG TO HIM ...HIM ALONE forever!!!!!

if you want read my testimony of How God talked to me...visit...

May God Bless you and Jesus Loves you and Holy Spirit in u all!!!


Wow... | Reviewer: Chizzle | 1/13/08

I found this song by accident, and I love it!. Having read the lyrics, I love it even more. It is, as you all say, about finding Jesus, but it's done subtley, and it makes a brilliant song!

Death I was not ready for. | Reviewer: Dianne | 11/5/07

One last hope there I gave myself tough love people say there ain't no way in the world anyone can come out of a broken home put themselves threw the tough love! I am here This song is me when them thoughts hunt me of the past. I learn to vanish thoughts that shouldn't be there this song explains it all. I am a christian And proud of it. And been born again.
I'm single I love it also I am gods child.... And as far as couple's friends singles whatever, whoever you are. Jesus Is the answer in everyone's life.

Hey | Reviewer: Joey | 10/30/07

Judging by the reviews, do any of you realize this song is about finding the lord? Not your ex b/f or g/f....

brokeup | Reviewer: stefanie from austria | 8/25/07

also my boyfriend broke up with me..yesterday.. I was completely down.. He was trying to get away from the since 3 weeks.. And so I could imagine what would happen..But when he said that he doesn't love me was..terrible..! I heard this song many times the last 3 weeks..

:( | Reviewer: Dosent matter | 8/5/07

I when i put on this song while i was walking with my gf she broke up with me.