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Is The Waterboys a Scottish or Irish band ?
Mike Scott, who formed the group, is from Edinburgh in
Scotland. Several
Irishmen and one Irishwoman have been members at various
times and the group was based in Dublin from 1986 to 1991.
At other times the group has been based in London or New
York. The Waterboys have had English, Welsh, American and
other Scottish members too. Currently (2002)the band is
based in London.

What and Who are The Waterboys ?

The Waterboys is the ever-changing group founded and led by
Mike Scott.
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Review about The Waterboys songs
A concise history | Reviewer: Fras
    ------ About the song Islandman performed by The Waterboys

I think Islandman says it all, really, 'bout Britain, geographically and socially. It really says, in a wee song, all you need to know about the British Isles. It should be taught to our weans, in an effort to make them more accepting of all the cultures that exist on these two big islands :) Fras

Everything is perfect ! | Reviewer: madrocker64
    ------ About the song Don't bang the drum performed by The Waterboys

This is a supepurb song. The intro going into the climax on the drum. Great to pump up the volume. Gives an enormous energy boost.
I saw The Waterboys many years ago in a concert as supportact of The Simple Minds. It was a hell of an evening !

To some is easy | Reviewer: Jorge
    ------ About the song The whole of the moon performed by The Waterboys

For some people life is easy, it comes natural to them to fill the skies because the way they were raised. Some parents with all the restrictions and lack of parenting are basically cutting their children's chances to succeed. Life is a learning journey and some parents give them tools and knowledge from an early age, others don't. The singer seems to say that he was grounded and not allowed to grow and seemed to have been smothered where the other was allowed to develop a bright personality and breathe. So while he became shy and reserved and defining his limits the other was the center of attention and going over his limits because he learned early on what he wanted and how to get it, and time to test others and see through them and their lies. That's why some people get to adulthood without knowing who they are or what they want from life as if seeing just the moon crescent, while others are confident and stand out. Like the whole moon that fills the sky, they see the whole picture and know when to talk, what to say, how to behave, and what to do to achieve what they want. The singer is basically saying, I'm not like you because I wasn't given the chance.

The key is the last line | Reviewer: Ingrid
    ------ About the song The whole of the moon performed by The Waterboys

The last line of the song goes,'How on earth did you see the whole of the moon?' So I'm thinking if I'm on earth I can't see the whole of the moon. The only way to see the whole thing is not to be on earth. So whoever they're singing about is either an astronaut or is dead. My guess is they're dead. 'Too high...' Someone they knew O'D'ed.

Nick Brook - The Whole of the Moon | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The whole of the moon performed by The Waterboys

Nick you cracked it....that's why it such a great song. He sings about himself, or when I listen its like my life looking at it from both sides, that's why its so hard to get the full meaning, because you try to imagine its someone else but you keep thinking its yourself..Everything I did I did tentatively, hesitantly, rationally, realistically, normally... while you weren't afraid to let go; to feel and dream. To me you seemed to instinctively and optimistically understand how to live. You may not even have realised it yourself, you were too busy just doing it. Maybe even drugs. I envy that, and you, but you were too good at it, you went too hard at it. You did all I never could or never dared to but it was too much. Maybe it destroyed you..."
But who are you? Friend? lover? Enemy? Who I want to be?
Who am I? Are we the same person?

Comparisons | Reviewer: Kel Ellis
    ------ About the song Strange boat performed by The Waterboys

After many years of listening to "The Waterboys" (in all their guises) this song sums up Mike Scott's total command of his chosen genre. Other songs which fall into the same category of brilliance are "Sweet Marie" by "Hothouse Flowers", "Cathie's song" by "Paul Simon", "Patience" by "Guns'N'Roses" and "The Palace Guard" by "Rick Nelson". Strange Boat is a brilliant song and if you like it you should investigate the others!

a personal lament | Reviewer: nobody
    ------ About the song The whole of the moon performed by The Waterboys

The most beautiful woman I've ever known, whose heart I inadvertently and unknowingly broke said this song would always remind her of me. I hope that she's heard it recently. As I think about her often. I wasn't always cargo, I was once cannon fodder. I hope you are well Ariel.

The truth? | Reviewer: Dubiosus rex
    ------ About the song The whole of the moon performed by The Waterboys

If you listened to pagan place, you can hear the attitude of the singer, that's my thought.
In tha 80's I liked this song very much without understanding the whole text. Now it came along/back in the moment I examined the moon. If you look at the whole thing you will wonder if they only knew or have been prophetic.

Love the song...

Searching for meaning¨! | Reviewer: rebeka
    ------ About the song The whole of the moon performed by The Waterboys

I ve heard that the singer was influenced great deal by a christian writer C.S.Lewis, he also studied phylosophy, so I d suggest that this song is about finding the meaning of life. It is about spiritual things, you can wander out in the world, looking for it in the wrong places, reaching half way always. He was afraid to accept the truth totally... she not just accepted it,but she was actively involved! she cut through lies!was not afraid to accept and go deep once she found it, and she didnt even have to go out of her room in order to find it.In "This is the sea", there is a song about Spirit, tells much of the singer s deeper spiritual yearnings. anyway, not a shallow song!
I d like it to mean exactly this! I d like it to echo his interest in Christianity!
Many people see just crescent, think that s it, but she saw the whole of the moon, it can be seen: the whole of the moon and one can go too far, too high, too soon!it s possible to know the whole truth! It is possible to see the world with God s eyes, to see the total picture!

Iona | Reviewer: wayne brown
    ------ About the song Iona Song performed by The Waterboys

My girlfrind & I saw the Waterboys in Boston Nov 07 , second time we've seen them , and really
enjoyed the show . This song played live was very dreamy with an almost haunting sound . Kudos to Mike Scot and the band for more great music .

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