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The Waterboys Biography

Last updated: 05/03/2012 12:00:00 PM

Is The Waterboys a Scottish or Irish band ?
Mike Scott, who formed the group, is from Edinburgh in Scotland. Several
Irishmen and one Irishwoman have been members at various times and the group was based in Dublin from 1986 to 1991. At other times the group has been based in London or New York. The Waterboys have had English, Welsh, American and other Scottish members too. Currently (2002)the band is based in London.

What and Who are The Waterboys ?

The Waterboys is the ever-changing group founded and led by Mike Scott.
Using the definition "has performed live as a Waterboy" and giving dates to include both studio and live work, The Waterboys are :

Mike Scott (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass)
Anthony Thistlethwaite (Sax, Mandolin, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards 1982-1991,
Kevin Wilkinson (Drums 1982-1987, 1999)
Karl Wallinger (Keyboards 1983-1985)
Roddy Lorimer (Trumpet 1983-1990)
Martyn Swain (Bass 1984)
Chris Whitten (Drums 1984-1985)
Steve Wickham (Fiddle, Mandolin and Keyboards 1985-1990, 2000-present)
Marco Sin (Bass 1985)
Dave Ruffy (Drums 1985-1986, 1999)
Guy Chambers (Piano 1985-1986)
Trevor Hutchinson (Bass 1986-1991)
Peter McKinney (Drums 1986-1987)
Fran Breen (Drums 1986-1989)
Noel Bridgeman (Drums 1986-1989)
Vinnie Kilduff (Uillean Pipes, Whistle, Mandolin 1987-1989)
Colin Blakey (Whistle, Flute, Keyboards 1987-1990)
Jay Dee Daugherty (Drums 1988-1989, 2001)
Sharon Shannon (Accordion 1989-1990)
Ken Blevins (Drums 1990-1991)
Jeremy Stacey (Drums 1999-2000)
Richard Naiff (Keyboards 1999-present)
Livingstone Brown (Bass 1999-2000)
John Baggott (Keyboards 2000)
Gordon Davis (Bass 2000)
Tom Windriff (Drums 2000-2001)
Jo Wadeson (Bass 2000-2002)
Ian McNabb (Keyboards, Bass 2001-2002 )
Ray Fean (Drums 2001)
Geoff Dugmore (Drums 2001-2002)

Thanks to Katherine -- for submitting the biography.