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The Call The Walls Came Down Lyrics

Last updated: 08/08/2014 04:17:22 PM

Well they blew the horns
And the walls came down
They'd all been warned
And the walls came down
They juststood there laughing
They're not laughing anymore
The walls came down
Sanctuary fades
congregation splits
Nightly military raids
The congregation splits
It's a song of assassins
Ringin' in your ears
We got terrorist thinking
Playing on fears
Well they blew the horns
And the walls came down
They'd all been warned
But the walls came down
I don't think there are any Russians
And there ain't no Yanks
Just corporate criminals
playin' with tanks

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Joshua's men blew the horns | Reviewer: Bill Fabian | 8/6/14

Me thinks the writer was speaking in generalities regarding "no Yanks, no Russians" and "corporate criminals". This was and is a popular leftist concept, the condemnation of corporations and Capitalism, which are curiously responsible for new medicines, modern air travel, space travel, telecommunications, smart devices, etc. The walls came down refers to Israel's main-man Joshua, who instructed his men to blow their horns and the walls of Jericho fell, while Joshua's enemies laughed at the men of Israel. The Berlin wall wasn't on the writer's radar at the time he wrote this song. As far as the "will of the people" stopping a nuclear winter and the cold war, it was the resolve of Ronald Reagan and the sensibility of Mikhail Gorbachev that stopped the cold war and brought the Berlin Wall down, as well as the dissolution of the evil empire known as the Soviet Union.

welcome to the 1980's | Reviewer: Ken Bratt | 6/18/11

This song was written at a time when most people went to sleep believing they might not wake up because we might have a nuclear holocaust. At the same time we had seen the will of the people stop a war! This wasn't a vote. This was brought about by sheer determination and tenacity. The author didn't know how or when but knew that reason would eventually outlast fear. I'm sure the author was just as shocked as everyone else when ... the walls fell down!

Ah ya ya ya ya ya ya | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/08

You can sit and listen - or you can get up and go nuts. You gotta love this song. I love the way you can just barely hear them screaming "Wake up!!!" in the fade. This is a rock and roll classic - or should be anyway.

Written over 20 years ago but somewhat eerily & prophetically speaks to the New Millenium | Reviewer: wal | 9/16/06

Any of the top grossing rock & roll acts sure wish they could have written a song like this.

I wonder what Mr. Michael Breen was thinking when he created the lyrics to this song? I wonder what exactly was the impetus within his own experience at that time that caused these lyrics to come to his mind?

Yes, corporate scandals have always plagued the western world. Yes, irrational people have always lived among us.

In the New Millenium, everything just seems to be on a bigger scale.

I wish popular music would make more of an effort to inspire & bring out the best and most humane behavior in mankind.

astounding | Reviewer: Hal | 8/31/04

this song has great energy, lyrics with meaning, and grows more relevent as we progress.