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In 1985, dad taught me how to play guitar. I was 15 years
old. He's a classic campfire style guitarist who can play
any song with 4 chords. He's also a fisherman. The first
song I ever learnt was Dylans, The times are a changing and
I was hooked.

My sister Vikki picked up the guitar in about 1988 . She
was 14 and playing, House of The Rising Sun. She was hooked.

Josh lived on a farm in New South Wales and picked up his
first guitar after seeing Michael J fox play Johnny be Good
in Back To The Future in 1987. He was also self taught More...

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Review about The Waifs songs
Jesus is my lighthouse! | Reviewer: Tarnia
    ------ About the song Lighthouse performed by The Waifs

As the title says! I'm a new born again, and JESUS has saved my life.. YAY, Hallelujah praise the lord!! I fell in LOVE and lust with each & every waif, after taking my DAD to see them, they were his FAVOURITE band!! I had never really listened to them, but left almost in TEARS they were so damn AWESOME!? But now my fave WAIFS song has a whole new meaning for me.. I truly believe JESUS is my LIGHTHOUSE man, I was lost in the in the darkest point in my life, and he showed me the way, and SAVED me from my misery!!! If you are lost, and don't know which way to go.. Go and meet him, I PROMISE, he WILL save you too..!!! I'm keen to know who is the WAIFS lighthouse man though...??? Wanna share Waifs?! Please, I LOVE YOU! ;)

not in London and written well after I left Oz | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song London Still performed by The Waifs

But heard it over the internet on the ABC and love it. Been in Japan for 11 years and this song has reminded me of who I am and where I come from. Easy to forget when you have been gone for a long time.

catherine | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song London Still performed by The Waifs

I relate to this song very well at the moment, except to the London part. I'm in France. I've been dreaming of it constantly for so, so long but now 'I dream of home and not of London (France) anymore'

wow. | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song London Still performed by The Waifs

i have just fallen in love with this song again.
i am not in london, still in newcastle, australia but this song makes me want to go to london so i can realise how much i truly do love this place.

i saw this song live and it actually made me cry. the waifs are just perfect.

fantastic song | Reviewer: kaitlyn
    ------ About the song Lighthouse performed by The Waifs

I love this song because it reminds me of being out in the windy ocean in the dark and a light gides you to where you are trying to go. I also am a huge fan of lighthouses because ive always thought they were cool inside when you look up and see all the swirly stairs and its such a wild song and I love wild music like lighthose man!

Bittersweet Memories | Reviewer: Donna
    ------ About the song Bridal Train performed by The Waifs

Visiting my Mom in the final days of her life, I was introduced to this tune by Sara Cruz, a musical therapist for a seniors residence in Northern Arizona. Sara shared that my Mom had fallen in love with her rendition of this tune, frequently requesting that Sara sing this for her.

By the time I landed in Arizona, my Mom was already in hospice care and in a near unconscious state. Yet, Sara would pull up a chair and sweetly sing this tune, bringing obvious comfort to my Mom. The bittersweet nature of this song's lyrics apparently spoke deeply to Mom, just as hearing them now these lyrics speak to me of Mom.

Bridal Train - Australian Women | Reviewer: Guy
    ------ About the song Bridal Train performed by The Waifs

I love this track. I play it over and over. My son has started singing it in the car with me. It captures an essence of the Australian character so perfectly but it also speaks to the universal experience of people displaced around the world; a commitment to love and an ideal but also of a gutsiness. And it speaks to loss and grief and the pain of life; that life comes at a cost to us all.

You guys remind me of the Triffids. Must be something about WA!

This Song is awesome | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song Lighthouse performed by The Waifs

i've listened to this song about 20 times in a row. i'm still listening to it now. By the way check out Sundirtwater by the waifs too

Amazing... | Reviewer: Lyla
    ------ About the song London Still performed by The Waifs

Such a beautiful song! Makes me think of the time I was stuck in London sans passport(lost it). I missed home when I was there but now I miss that city and the amazing people I met there...

bridal ship from Egypt to Australia | Reviewer: Mariette
    ------ About the song Bridal Train performed by The Waifs

This song is so powerful, my Mum came to Australia from Egypt as a war bride leaving behind family and friends to come to a strange country. A very similar journey experienced by the young women who left Australia. How brave they all are. Thank you for acknowledging their courage. I saw you perform on Denton and I wept with joy - thank you so much.

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