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(You've got the power in there)
(Waving your wand in the air)

Time after time those fanatical minds
Try to rule all the world
Telling us all it's them
Who's in charge of it all

That will make them all fall
We've got the power now, motherfuckers,
'cause it's where it belongs

You've got that right
(You've got the power in there)
You know that it is
(Waving your wand in the air)

They have their weapons
To solve all your questions
They don't know what it's for
(They don't know what it's for)
Why can't they see that's not power
That's greed
To just want more and more?

I got a plan and it's here in my hand
We're the enforcers,
The sorcerer's orphans,
And we know why we fight
(And we know why we fight)

You've got that right
(You've got the power in there)
(Waving your wand in the air)

(You've got the power in there)
(You've got the power in there)
(You've got the power in there)
(Waving your wand in the air)

You've got that right
You know that it is

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Noobs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/11

I am of the opinion that if you liked the Lips you should have this album already. At war with the mystics is a great's just shameful that all of you people needed this to get you interested in the Flaming Lips.

attn: idiots | Reviewer: alec | 7/28/09

what wayne coyne said about lips songs in commercials was something to the effect of, "yer gonna have to see commercials and be bombarded with advertisements anyway. why not hear some good music as long as yer subjected to it? better than hearing shitty jingles." very lip-like.

Hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/08

I din't mind the dell commercial all that much, it was a pretty unique commercial. Plus I finally got ton show my friends some of their music, they are all pretty reluctant to listen to anything new. But the other commercials really ticked me off.

Commercial | Reviewer: Houston | 1/27/08

I was actually greatly disappointed when I heard several of their songs in commercials. I was turned on to the Lips about a year and a half ago by a friend, and have loved them ever since. Then I hear them on an outback steackhouse commercial which drove me insane since they just changed all of the words to the 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Song', then I heard it on a land rover commercial, not so angry at that, but still feeling like they weren't getting the credit they deserved. Just because they make awesome songs doesn't mean anyone has made an awesome enough commercial to use them on.

RE: Commercial Music | Reviewer: fatlipsfan | 11/27/07

This is one of at least 3 commercials that the Lips have their song in. There was a Nissan commercial and now a Range Rover commercial that both used different parts from "Do You Realize." For what its worth, if a company wants to use your song in a commercial they'll just do some rip off version if you don't let them... take the money and run.

this is a goodin | Reviewer: ed | 11/16/07

at first i wasnt particularly happy when i saw the commercial, because its not like the flaming lips to sell the rights of any of their music; especially to a commercial. but if it informs more people about the band then i guess it's not so bad.
if you like this song/album you should do everything you can to see the lips live the next chance you get... they're unbelievable in concert

Commercial Music | Reviewer: Snaeper | 11/15/07

I'm a semi-fan of the Lips ever since I saw them on Jimmy Kimmel one night. And the Dell Commercial drove me crazy until I was surprised like everyone else that it was them (A special thanks to WikiAnswers.) But the Dell Commercial isn't the only one to sport Lips music as of very recently. The Land Rover Commercial advertising the new LR2 has "Do You Realize" or whatever the name of that song is.

ahhhh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/07

hahaha it is a good song, but i cant believe you people heard it on commercial... what commercial are you talking about??? hahahaha wow i dont want to be like mean but hahaha yes i do you guys are newbs

was a fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

I was a fan of the Flaming Lips in the early 90's but have been so busy that I don't follow music as much. I heard the commercial and looked up to see who was the artist and was pleasantly surprised. Since then I have bought all the albums that I didn't already have.

Here Is Your Chance ! | Reviewer: J. Ray | 11/2/07

What is needed is a website that lists the artists and songs featured on popular commercials so that consumers can connect with the tunes.

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