The Vandals Lyrics

The Orange County punk band the Vandals was originally
formed in the early 80's. Since then there have been many
different members. Since 1989 the lineup has been steady
though with Joe Escalante on bass, Warren "Mutant Boy"
Fitzgerald on guitar, Josh Freese on drums, and Dave
Quackenbush on lead vocals. Through hard work and a great
live show they keep the Vandals going without any support
from a major label.

Dave Quackenbush

Dave is the lead singer for the Vandals and puts on a very
lively show. It is not unusual More...

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Review about The Vandals songs
Pizza Tran....I just thought Dave really liked pizza | Reviewer: Put That On Your Fucking Toast!
    ------ About the song Pizza Tran performed by The Vandals

Well, ive been listening to this song for years now, only hearing the House of Blues version, as any Vandals fan knows...they play their songs so fast live. Long story short, today I got Fear Of A Punk Planet.....HOLY FUCK! I had not one god damned idea that this song is so racist. I love good racism and no doubt...Dave hit the nail on the head with this one. Seriously, I have been walking around all fucking day with jeans what appears to be highwaters. :o Dammit...if only there were a reverse Viagra pill. That would help me out a lot.

STOP THE LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: sherry
    ------ About the song I Don't Believe In Santa Clause performed by The Vandals

Tradition of nothing but LIES...passed down from generation to generation! Think of all the poor families who think they ARE BAD because Santa Didnt come!STOP LYING TO THE CHILDREN!!!What other traditions..the Freaking Easter Bunny...Quit lying to your children!!!!!( In The NAME Jesus!!!!! LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is about... | Reviewer: Kevin
    ------ About the song Urban Struggle performed by The Vandals

This song refers to the scene in Costa Mesa, CA's West 19th Street in the 1970s: The Punks hung around the Cuckoo's Nest, & the cowboys at country bar Zubies. Neither bar/club still exists anymore...

harry balsagna regarding XXX vin diesel quote | Reviewer: Johnny Splash
    ------ About the song Urban Struggle performed by The Vandals

the songs anarchy burger from the same album/ep peace thru vandalism.. the lyrics are "america stands for freedom, but if u think ur free, try walking into a deli and urinating in the cheese" would u believe that stevo came up with them lyrics in the bathroom of the recording studio, minutes before it was recorded.. and that sly fuck escalante managed to sell that single line from the song o sony pictures for £20000 to be in XXX

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: BlackJack
    ------ About the song Fucked Up Girl performed by The Vandals

This is one of the best Punk songs of modern times. Not a quintessential punk song no, but the Vandals have made a great, catchy song that encapsulates what we think of our women, although in a more literal sense.

XXX Vin Diesel Quote | Reviewer: Harry Balsagna
    ------ About the song Urban Struggle performed by The Vandals

What Vandals song do Vin Diesel and Samuel L Jackson quote in XXX? Something like If you thinkl you are free try going up to a somethong and ordering??? I am loosing my mind, I cannot find it. Can someone please email me and let me know.

Miscategorized | Reviewer: OG punker
    ------ About the song I Have A Date performed by The Vandals

This is a cover song of a the Simpletones original. Unchanged lyrics from the original. The Simpletones were a truly great band that the Nu-Vandals don't deserve to even be in the same sentence with. This shitty cover is the worst form of disrespect one can have for the dead. RIP Snickers.

Amazing | Reviewer: Gomez
    ------ About the song How They Getcha performed by The Vandals

One of the greatest Vandals songs I've ever heard. Take my word for it.. I am a rich and powerful man, with much wealth and many jewels.

Please Credit the Original Artists | Reviewer: Danielle
    ------ About the song Don't Stop Me Now performed by The Vandals

This song was first sung and written by Queen (Freddie Mercury)in 1978. I like this version a lot, but I think people should know the original artists too.

this song rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I've Got An Ape Drape performed by The Vandals

BUT you mess up the ending...that makes me sad

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