The Vandals Albums

  • Hollywood Potato Chips Album (6/29/2004)
    How They Getcha
    Don't Stop Me Now
    My Neck, My Back
    Be A Good Robot
    My Special Moment
    Designed By Satan
    Dig A Hole
    Don't Make Me Get My Fat, Lazy Ass Off This Couch
    I Guess I'll Take You Back
    Christian Or Canadian
    I Am Crushed

  • Internet Dating Superstuds Album (9/17/2002)
    Appreciate My Honesty
    I'm Becoming You
    Disproportioned Head
    Soccer Mom
    We'll All Get Laid
    Little Weirdo
    I Can't Wait
    Where's Your Dignity
    My Brain Tells My Body
    When I Say You, I Mean Me
    The Unseen Tears of the Albacore
    My Brother is Gay
    Lord of the Dance

  • Look What I Almost Stepped In Album (8/29/2000)
    Behind The Music
    Sorry, Mom And Dad
    The New You
    Flowers Are Pretty
    What About Me?
    You're Not The Boss Of Me (Kick It)
    I'm The Boss Of Me
    That's My Girl
    Get A Room
    San Berdu
    Crippled And Blind

  • Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes Album (10/26/1999)
    Clowns Are Experts (At Making Us Laugh)
    Desert Woman
    In America
    Elvis Decanter
    Goop All Over The Phone
    Gator Hide
    Long Hair Queer
    Play That Country Tuba, Cowboy
    Complain (from the film Bob Roberts)

  • Hitler Bad, Vandals Good Album (6/23/1998)
  • Christmas with the Vandals: Oi to the World! Album (10/8/1996)
  • The Quickening Album (7/15/1996)
  • Live Fast Diarrhea Album (1/30/1996)
  • When In Rome Do As The Vandals Album (5/19/1992)
  • Fear of a Punk Planet Album (12/1/1991)
  • Peace Thru Vandalism Album (12/1/1989)
  • Slippery When Ill Album (9/1/1989)

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