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The Vandals Biography

Last updated: 02/25/2011 11:00:00 AM

The Orange County punk band the Vandals was originally formed in the early 80's. Since then there have been many different members. Since 1989 the lineup has been steady though with Joe Escalante on bass, Warren "Mutant Boy" Fitzgerald on guitar, Josh Freese on drums, and Dave Quackenbush on lead vocals. Through hard work and a great live show they keep the Vandals going without any support from a major label.

Dave Quackenbush

Dave is the lead singer for the Vandals and puts on a very lively show. It is not unusual to see him jumping around the stage or throwing comments to people in the crowd.

Warren Fitzgerald

Warren “Mutant Boy” Fitzgerald is one of the craziest guitar players you will ever see live. He is constantly climbing something or jumping around or stripping for that matter. Warren is also the former guitar player for Oingo Boingo. Also a lot of the art work you will find in Vandals cd's was done by Warren.

Joe Escalante

Joe is the last member of the original Vandals. He formerly played drums for the Vandals before moving over to bass. Joe is the owner of Kung Fu Records. Joe bull fights when he is not busy doing everything else he does.

Josh Freese

Josh has been with the band since 1989. His job as a professional session drummer prevents him from touring with the Vandals sometimes (they use 4 or 5 replacement drummers on tour including Brooks Wackerman). Josh also plays for Devo and Guns N Roses as well as a few others.