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On October 5, 1999 a 4-piece band known as "Dumb Luck" was
formed by Quinn Allman, Jeph Howard, Branden Steineckert
and Ashton Johnson. Not long after the release of their EP,
Dumb Luck went through a few line-up changes. Dumb Luck was
short-lived. Eventually the band was forced to change its
name. They changed it to "Used" when singer Jeph Howard
moved to bass and Bert McCracken took over the vocals.[1]
The band sent their songs to the producer John Feldman from
the punk group Goldfinger. After he heard "A Box Full of
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Review about The Used songs
Music | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Buried Myself Alive performed by The Used

As a lyricist myself I think it's best to not give titles an condemn the artistic creativity of the used to just one definition this song is about wtf ever you can relate it too about your self it's entertainment it's the whole point of music I'm site the original producer of this band had a definition in there head but ultimately it's about the listener an how they can relate it to them selfs this creating fans shit nigga damn

common sense | Reviewer: dazeeeeeeee
    ------ About the song Take It Away performed by The Used

im sure its about both, mcr and drug addiction. seems to me like he was hurt by both, cause it kinda ALL went down at the same time. so "TAKE TAKE TAKE TEAKE TAAKE IT AWAY"... the pain :/

Song Analysis | Reviewer: Kimiko
    ------ About the song Take It Away performed by The Used

The Used never really talks about their song meanings in depth. A lot of the past comments say that you take your own meaning from the song, which is true. WHen you listen a song the first time, you create your own meaning before looking it up. I think it's a very good tactic for the band to do, I think its why a lot of their music helps people. Instead of imaging Bert's own story, you imagine your own and take advice from it or what not.

But anyways, I believe this song is about drug addiction. The chemical romance thing was probably cleverly put in there because even MCR said their band name was about drug addiction. I believe that part didn't really have much to do with MCR themselves as much as it had to do with the actual meaning of their band name. If I had to think of specifics on this song, the first thing that popped up for me was living the life of a tweaker. The whole video is also based off of a severe insomniac….

I don't know, just my two cents. I love The Used, their songs helped me through so much shit it's unbelievable. Like I would probably still be trying to find my own escape or I may have been dead by now.

love | Reviewer: Reindy cheran
    ------ About the song It's Hard To Say performed by The Used

I really love this song it touches my heart the lyrics reminds me of my girlfriend who walk away from me when I heard this song for the very first time I cried like I'm lost it brings back back my memories this song will be on the top of my song list

Idiots | Reviewer: Snake
    ------ About the song On The Cross performed by The Used

Just to let you know at the beginning it has nothing to do with religion because it wasn't about lesbians or gays it's a speech done about killing white people. Just so you can all stop pairing the beginning/end with religion.

ANTI-Christian guys, not that hard. | Reviewer: Tiffany
    ------ About the song On The Cross performed by The Used

I would like to start out by saying I just saw The Used live one month ago at Warped Tour and Bert led us all in putting our middle fingers to the sky and saying "Fuck you god". Don't fucking say their religious lmao!
This song is OBVIOUSLY about how stupid religion is. Bert sings, "So pray then if it makes you feel safe". Like okay guys, go talk to your imaginary friend if it makes you feel better but it's not changing a damn thing. There is no interpreting it differently. -.- The message is basically saying religion is just for comfort, you can't save yourself when you die. When you die, you're dead. That thought is scary isnt it? That there's nothing else? EXACTLY. That's why people wanna believe they're gonna go to heaven and see all the people they love. That is a nice thought, everyone has to admit it. But there is no god. Take a look around. You wanna be saved? Save yourself.

a coincidence? | Reviewer: Nick
    ------ About the song Kissing You Goodbye performed by The Used

In my city that I grew up in we had 3 high schools. I went to one some of the Used went to one & I had a friend who had a younger brother and sister and their Dad passed away and the Mother skipped town. The Dad had older sons from a previous marriage but none would be able to take all 3. One moved in W/ my family after struggles W/ his Step Brother the girl went 2 another State and the other boy who went to the third high school in mu town ended up committing suicide. It was a sad story such an amazing kid. He was breaking up W/ his best friend girl friend that was on & off. He had an assignment for his English class 2 write a short story which he wrote & then had her proof read it. She felt odd cause of its content. After he walked her home in the story he talked about saying goodbye to a girl and asking for a kiss goodbye which he really meant and then in the story after he goes and commits suicide. It was raining that night, the girl fiqured it out & told him she wouldn't kiss him good bye & didn't know what to do. The next day he was found in the car dead from carbon dioxide. I find so many similarities in the story. Especially when he talks of who in the song takes his last breath. Only a few know these details of the story. I have wondered if Bert who went to a school in the same city was able to find out about this & write a very well written song. I have wanted to show it to the kid who took his life. R.I.P. Brother who essentially became my Brother & if maybe his Brother who passed away Girl-Friend might have shared this W/ Burt or a band member. I know the girl but haven't seen her in awhile & has always held a place 4 this troubled soul but that had to hurt & she wasn't the type to be telling this story. So whatever inspired this song, if it be that story or a combinatination of thoughts & stories, I hope the interpretation gets through not to take your LIFE, & the aftermath that follows. That year there were many suicides from that school yet a lot less or none from the other 2, maybe that's where stand in line comes. Can be a Domino effect. Make sure we talk W/ those around us & Be willing 2 ask 4 help if needed & be there. I intentionally left out names & I have no factual evidence this is a basis for the song.

i agree!!!! | Reviewer: faith
    ------ About the song Come Undone performed by The Used

i thaught i had a dirty mind for thinking that this song (and others too) had sexual meaning but come on its kinda explicit. this son is so hot!! I love this song and i love the used.

Greetings from venezuela

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kissing You Goodbye performed by The Used

The used shapes and changes so many lives. They're music calls out to the soul and fills it with hope. I love they're music, they're lyrics, amazing how much emotion is behind they're beautiful music. This is my love song. Xx Ash

holla | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm A Fake performed by The Used

i am a grown adult now and since my emo days i've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. when i was a kid, i used to listen to this song over and over, especially the beginning, i loved it so much! i just listened to it recently for the first time in a while and it is kinda scary how perfectly the lyrics capture the way it feels to look in the mirror and not feel like your thoughts and the thing staring back at you are the same entity. like cutting and observing yourself cutting at the same time, feeling like two split parts, with one of them needing pain and the other one not able to control it but still watching and thinking about it. bla bla sorry for gushing i just can't believe how good this song is.

ps i'm gonna be a purist and say there's no real question what this song is about. i hate self harm too. this song isn't pro-cutting and anyone who thinks that has probably never experienced those kinds of compulsions and will never understand.

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