The Used Albums

  • Imaginary Enemy Album (4/1/2014)
    A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression (A work in progress)
    Generation Throwaway
    Make Believe
    Imaginary Enemy
    Kenna song
    Force without Violence

  • The Ocean Of The Sky Album (7/9/2013)
    Iddy Biddy
    Thought Criminal
    The Ocean of the Sky

  • Vulnerable Album (3/26/2012)
    I Come Alive
    This Fire
    Hands And Faces
    Put Me Out
    Now That You're Dead
    Give Me Love
    Moving On
    Getting Over You
    Kiss It Goodbye
    Hurt No One
    Together Burning Bright
    Bonus Tracks
    Put Me Out (Acoustic)
    The Lonely

  • Artwork Album (8/31/2009)
    Blood On My Hands
    Empty With You
    Born To Quit
    Kissing You Goodbye
    Sold My Soul
    Watered Down
    On The Cross
    Come Undone
    Meant To Die
    The Best Of Me
    Men Are All The Same
    Bonus Tracks
    Mosh N' Church (Demo)
    In A Needle
    On The Cross (Save Yourself Mix)
    Something Safe

  • Lies For The Liars Album (5/22/2007)
  • In Love And Death Album (9/28/2004)
  • Maybe Memories Album (7/8/2003)
  • The Used Album (6/25/2002)

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    Reviews about The Used albums

    this band is amazing! | Reviewer: jealousy's a bad invention.
        ------ About the album Artwork performed by The Used

    this has got to be one of my favourite cd's by this band keeps coming up with the craziest/best songs ever out of this album i would have to say that my favourite song is (meant to die!)keep em coming you guys!!

    Still kickin' ass. | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Artwork performed by The Used

    The Used just get better and better!!!
    I adore this album, and I adore all the songs.
    My favourite song at the moment is Empty With You. It's so wonderful, and kind of catchy.
    It's so worth getting this album.

    Another great album | Reviewer: LoveMCR-TheUsed
        ------ About the album Artwork performed by The Used

    wow, The Used amazed me once again! This is like all their albums wrapped up into one, but at the same time so different. My favorite song on this album is definitely Kissing You Goodbye.his voice is just so amazing, and the emotion in that i don't think i've ever heard his voice sounding so pure. And then Born To Quit is sooo addicting. the guitar is great! This song reminded me more of Lies For The Liars. All the song on this album are really good, and this album is definitely worth buying. 8D

    on my own | Reviewer: Jeska W.
        ------ About the album The Used performed by The Used

    the used has made a great success through out the years. they are my favorite band without a doubt! not a day goes by that i dont listen to these guys. i swear one day i will meet bert. lol. i am in love with every song they have. reading about them and bert has even helped me. : )

    i love this album. | Reviewer: Cassie
        ------ About the album The Used performed by The Used

    the used is the best band ever. this album is the best one. my favorite song is poetic tradigey, and noise and kisses. they are two great songs, and you should listen to the whole album. man, get the albuM! ;]

    LOVE IT!!! | Reviewer: Megan
        ------ About the album Lies For The Liars performed by The Used

    This albulm is amazing! I can never stop listening to it.Its on like 24/7!I never want to turn it off.Its the one of the best albums and The Used rocks! I LOVE BERT!!!!

    one of the coolest albums ever!! | Reviewer: erin
        ------ About the album Lies For The Liars performed by The Used

    the used are amazing!!
    they set the bar higher every time they bring out a new record.
    i am thrilled with the album!!

    Best Band Alive. | Reviewer: Lexi
        ------ About the album The Used performed by The Used

    They're amazing. Period. Nothing is better than listening to Bert McCracken to scream his heart out. Best band ever (check out Escape the Fate, though!)

    is love a monster????? (^_^) | Reviewer: eneerej nna
        ------ About the album In Love And Death performed by The Used

    love sucks>>> love hurts>>> love is pain>>> is love a monster,, however they're music touches my f**kin' heart,, leading to move on and forget about my f**kin' ex-boyfriend>>>>> (T_T)

    The Used. | Reviewer: Amanda.
        ------ About the album The Used performed by The Used

    I love this album so much. It's one of thier best. My favorite songs are Poetic Tragedy and Blue and Yellow. Great songs. I can't go a whole day without listening to The Used.

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