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Release Date: 09/28/2004
Tracks in In Love And Death: Take It Away, I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes), Let It Bleed, All That I've Got, Cut Up Angels, Listening, Yesterday's Feelings, Light With A Sharpened Edge, Sound Effects And Overdramatics, Hard To Say, Lunacy Fringe, I'm A Fake, Bonus Track, Back Of Your Mouth

In Love And Death Album Tracklist

is love a monster????? (^_^) | Reviewer: eneerej nna | 8/11/2007

love sucks>>> love hurts>>> love is pain>>> is love a monster,, however they're music touches my f**kin' heart,, leading to move on and forget about my f**kin' ex-boyfriend>>>>> (T_T)

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I love the used!!.. | Reviewer: Maddie. | 7/12/2007

I now have all of the used albums (even though there isnt many) they are still all so awesome. I love them. They rock. i hope they do more albums!!...

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... | Reviewer: Megan | 6/29/2007

I dont know what the people who say this album is crap are thinking.. It is one of the best albums i have heard in a long time.. The lyrics of some songs are similar to my life and whats going on in it. And all that i got isnt the only good song on the album.. If you think that.. im guessing you probably saw the music video.. then when you bought the album you closed your mind to the other songs... tisk tisk;

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haha | Reviewer: melodramatic | 6/27/2007

Lmfao. I agree with the above post. Listen to the whole album! And more than once! ;)
I don't really have a grand review, but I like how all the songs are distinct. Shows how versatile they are. :)

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get a life? | Reviewer: Cassandra | 6/25/2007

If you honestly think All That I've Got is the only good song on this CD, then you obviously haven't listened to the rest of the fucking album. Jesus fucking christ be a little more ignorant PLEASE.

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The Used rock! | Reviewer: Jay | 6/21/2007

This was my first record of The Used I bought and it really hooked me on the band. Every single song is so good, but I must say that All that I've got has probably just edged away from the other songs, and it is my favourite ever song to date.

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Albums...omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/2007

Hey, this album is the SHIZZ

Faves on this are Lunacy Fringe and Soundeffects and overdramatics

whos going to taste of chaos?

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this album is amazing too! | Reviewer: JiLLa - SuperheatedVapor | 5/3/2006

yes, a little less louder than their debut.
it's still amazing nonetheless.
WTF? simple plan is sooooooooooooooo out of the picture!

we love u the used!
when is the next album coming out?

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In Love and Death... (l) | Reviewer: Jessica | 5/12/2005

This album was amazing...especially two good songs...I caught fire and All that i've got...the lyrics describe soooo much and they are soooooo was an amazing alBuM...:P....and fer all u hu think it was bad...WtF... ?!? Its got the best LyRiCs EvA...

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some1 | Reviewer: any1 | 5/9/2005

wow we have some serious insiders here, do u work for the band

the whole albumn was pretty low, might as well have bought simple plan new albumn

but there was 1 good song..........all that i've got is the only good song in the whole albumn

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