The Unseen Lyrics

We know that the Useen is punk right? Oh Yeah! Everybody
knows that the Unseen is really punk.

Story begins like from 1989 or 1991, The Unseen was founded
in Boston 1993 and released demo album called Too Young To
Know...Too Reckless To Care issued in 1995. Boston's
infamous street punk band, have decided to join the
historical BYO family, and are currently in the studio
recording their new full length album. In the meantime, you
can see them ripping it up across the U.S when they embark
on a statewide tour with Anti- Flag, One Man More...

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Review about The Unseen songs
Let's put this to rest... | Reviewer: Cliff
    ------ About the song Scream Out performed by The Unseen

... once and for all, The Offspring are not now, nor were they EVER a "punk" band. Sorry, kids- I speak the truth. They played on the same bills as punk bands, true, but when they played, people decided to go outside to drink or have a smoke with their friends and gear up for the NEXT band. I remember one night, we were in Garden Grove at at warehouse where a couple of bands were supposed to play but the gig got cancelled for whatever reason. We were milling about trying to decide what was available on short notice and someone says, "Hey, there's a party in Westminster... The Offspring is playing", and we're like, "Uh... yeah, we'll just go home...", and everyone else pretty much did the same. That's just the way it was, guys- you can like them, idolize them, anything you want, but they just weren't "punk". The pisser for older guys like me and anyone else who was in the scene is that all of a sudden, these guys staked a claim to something they weren't a part of. That's kind of low, especially since the scene was pretty much dead by the time they made it big, and no one in the media was savvy enough to call them on it.

None of you | Reviewer: No one fucking cares
    ------ About the song Scream Out performed by The Unseen

I'm amused how you guys are all do entertained with trying to classify music like the government classifies races.

True punks don't give two flying fucks.

Therefore none of you who are classifying these bands are punk.

Go home to mommy and draw fake tattoos on your arms.

dumb pricks | Reviewer: sk8terpunk
    ------ About the song Scream Out performed by The Unseen

haha i love how you just said offspring was punk and blink 182 wasnt punk. i cant stand pop punk and blink 182 definately isnt. maybe a couple songs. and this is coming from a black flag misfits and dead kennedys fan

Amazing song | Reviewer: Juan Felipe Díaz
    ------ About the song Let It Go performed by The Unseen

The Unseen is one of the best real punk bands! the liriks are amazing and the musik rocks! one of my favorite bands! If you have any band that sounds like the unseen plz email me! remember Listen To real PunKik DIY

G'day | Reviewer: dafaf
    ------ About the song Scream Out performed by The Unseen

Most people here probably didn't ever really listen to The Offspring but base their opinion on the few songs they have heard. To get a good opinion on The Offspring you really need to here every song on every album because it is a very deverse band who make great music. But one thing is for sure, The Offspring is NOT, and NEVER was, and sure thing, NEVER will be: A pop-punk band. Pop-punk bands are blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan.. The Offspring sound nothing like that, and is a real punk-band with Metal and Alt. Rock influences. Listen to everything and you'll know..

Offspring wtf? | Reviewer: Billy
    ------ About the song Scream Out performed by The Unseen

Offspring isn't punk. It's pop punk / alternative. I wouldn't go as far to say that the unseen is punk in it's purest form though. But the Offspring? LOL. Fucking poser punk. I bet you Offspring fans love you some Green Day too am I right?

great | Reviewer: kevo
    ------ About the song Scream Out performed by The Unseen

this song is amazing.the unseen are sweet as fuck and everyone needs to listen to them. they might be punk, emo, screamo, whatever you wanna call it who cares, just listen to the fucking music

Awsome song..^_^ | Reviewer: Chibaya
    ------ About the song Paint It Black performed by The Unseen

I listen to this song for the first time the other day, and I was unexplainably happy. It seemed to say alot about how the society today is changing, and how the teens are feeling more and more. Anyways I think it was a great song. Keep Making More!


Wow | Reviewer: Steven Felix
    ------ About the song Paint It Black performed by The Unseen

I just came out to this song. Like for real it made me gay i was so happy. Now i love the cock, so hit me up on myspace yall.

The unseen in general | Reviewer: Naish
    ------ About the song Scream Out performed by The Unseen

When i first heard the Unseen i didnt know what to think. They had a mix of sceaming and punk beats. I have always listened to them and have always thought of there music of a mix of Tiger Army and a little harder, screaming vocals. Scream out is a very appealing song that expresses feelings in a form of a famous song now days. Also there version of paint it black is veryy good!

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