The Unseen Albums

  • Explode Album
    False Hope
    Your Failure Is My Revenge
    Don't Look Back
    Negative Outlook
    Tsunami Suicide
    So Sick Of You
    Remains Unseen
    Fed Up
    Useless Regrets
    New World Disorder

  • Internal Salvation Album (7/10/2007)
    Act The Part
    At Point Break
    Break Away
    In Your Place
    Left For Dead
    Let It Go
    No Direction
    Right Before Your Eyes
    Step Inside... Take Your Life
    Such Tragedy
    Talking Bombs
    The Brutal Truth (Intro)
    Torn And Shattered (Nothing Left)

  • State Of Discontent Album (5/10/2005)
    On The Other Side
    Scream Out
    The End Is Near
    Weapons Of Mass Deception
    You Can Never Go Home
    Dead Weight Falls
    Force Fed
    Social Damage
    Waste Of Time
    Hit And Run
    We Are All That We Have
    Flames Have Destroyed
    Final Execution (Armageddon)
    Paint It Black

  • The Anger And The Truth Album (7/10/2001)
    Live In Fear
    Something To Say
    Give In To Hate
    1000 Miles
    The Anger And The Truth
    No Turning Back
    What Happened?
    No Master Race
    Never Forget
    Where Have You Gone?
    Fight For A Better Life
    No Evacuation

  • So This Is Freedom? Album (8/24/1999)
  • Lower Class Crucifixtion Album (10/20/1998)
  • Protect And Serve Album (8/1/1996)
  • Raise Your Finger, Raise Your Fist Album (8/1/1996)

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