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The Unseen Biography

Last updated: 06/21/2012 12:00:00 PM

We know that the Useen is punk right? Oh Yeah! Everybody knows that the Unseen is really punk.

Story begins like from 1989 or 1991, The Unseen was founded in Boston 1993 and released demo album called Too Young To Know...Too Reckless To Care issued in 1995. Boston's infamous street punk band, have decided to join the historical BYO family, and are currently in the studio recording their new full length album. In the meantime, you can see them ripping it up across the U.S when they embark on a statewide tour with Anti- Flag, One Man Army, and Jersey. If you haven't seen these guys, you don't want to miss them this time around, cuz the chaos at an Unseen show is something to be experienced!

So This Is Freedom was released in 1999 about Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll. The hardcore punk quintet released their best-of compilation Totally Unseen: The Best Of The Unseen — which contains two previously unreleased tracks of the 1995 demos — in June 2000.

A double comp CD with 44 bands on it. First CD with 22 bands will be all punkrock while the second one (22 bands as well) will be dedicated to all hardcore bands. Some of the bands that are on it are: Caffeine, Good Riddance, Mad Caddies, Consumed, Gob, Jugg's Revenge, Big Wig, Glasseater, Bombshell Rocks, Voice of A Generation, Finch, Midtown, Allister, Poison The Well, Reach The Sky, No Innocent Victim, Dillinger Escape Plan, Kill Your Idols, Shai Hulud, Brother's Keeper, and many many more.

A complation called Simple This, Too! is featuring the unreleased* and newly released tracks from: Anti-Flag*, The Beltones*, Bouncing Souls*, Filthy Thieving Bastards, The Forgotten*, Kosher, Leatherface, Manic Hispanic*, NOFX, One Man Army*, Pistol Grip*, Rancid, Sixer*, The Unseen*, Youth Brigade*

Also announced on the BYO new website is a new full-length called Explode was released on June 3, 2003 for The Unseen, Boston's premier street punk band with a national following that ranks them among the elite in the U.S. street punk scene. This is their second BYO release, follow-up to "The Anger and the Truth" in 2001. Check out the band's improved website for further info.

Yeah, well thanks for your information. P.S. see you on tour this year in 2003.

Paul Russo (guitar/vocals)
Mark Unseen (vocals/drums)
Trip (vocals/bass)
Scott (lead guitarist)
Pat Melzard (drums)

Too Young To Know...Too Reckless To Care (1995, out of print)
Protect And Serve (1996, out of print)
Raise Your Finger...Raise Your Fist (1996, out of print)
Tom And Bootboys Split (1997, out of print)
Lower Class Crucifixtion (1998, in-print)
So This Is Freedom? (1999, in-print)
Totally Unseen (2000, in-print)
The Anger & The Truth (2001, in-print)
Complete Singles Collection 1994-2000 (2002, in-print)
Explode (2003, in-print)