The Trews Albums

  • Thank You & I'm Sorry Album (11/6/2012)
    The Power Of Positive Drinking
    Leaps and Bounds
    Lord, Keep Me In Mind
    Poor Ol Broken Hearted Me
    Not Yours To Love
    Herm-Aphrodite (she was a guy)
    ...And We Are The Trews

  • Hope & Ruin Album (4/12/2011)
    Misery Loves Company
    One By One
    People Of The Deer
    Stay With Me
    Hope & Ruin
    If You Wanna Start Again
    The World, I Know
    Dreaming Man
    I'll Find Someone Who Will
    Love Is The Real Thing
    You Gotta Let Me In

  • No Time For Later Album (4/7/2009)
    No Time For Later
    Dark Highway
    Be Love
    I Feel The Rain
    Paranoid Freak
    I Can't Stop Laughing
    Man Of Two Minds
    Hold Me In Your Arms
    Gun Control
    Will You Wash Away
    End Of The Line
    Burning Wheels
    Ocean's End

  • Den Of Thieves Album (8/15/2005)
    Fire Up Ahead
    Makin' Sunshine
    I Can't Say
    So She's Leaving
    The Pearl (More Than Everything)
    Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
    Ana & Mia
    Montebello Park
    Got Myself To Blame
    The Traveling Kind
    Ishmael & Maggie

  • House Of Ill Fame Album (8/19/2003)
  • The Trews Album (2/1/2002)
  • The Trouser EP Album (2/1/1999)

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