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Coming from the predominantly Irish neighborhoods of
South-Side Chicago, the Tossers have been expanding the
boundaries of contemporary Irish music since the early
'90s. The band chose their name for its derogatory meaning
of ‘throw away. The term dates back to Shakespeare and
depending on who you ask it also means commode, drunk or
the bunk British currency the Irish rejected after their
independence in the 1920s.

Although their name may be irreverent, their music
certainly is not. The heart of their distinct sound is
derived More...

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Reviews about The Tossers songs

great song | Reviewer: paul
    ------ About the song Siobhan performed by The Tossers

best song if your out drinking with your friends on st.pattys day...f**k dropkick murphys...the tossers is music for the irish

My Relation In A Sense | Reviewer: Spicey McHaggis
    ------ About the song Minutes On A Screen performed by The Tossers

I honestly love this song. I feel that in the smallest sense I can relate to this song. In fact the past few nights all I've been able to do is listen to this song and drink for the loss of a girl I fell in love with. The story's sort of the same to me. An irish beauty with lovely blue eyes. I feel that she used me to get close to another. Except this other man was one she had gone out with before. And I know that she knows she will never be as happy as she was with me. We both revealed to each other that we've loved each other since the day we met. And that's what makes me mad. How quickly she was able to get over me. I'd take a bullet in the heart for that girl. If there was just anyway I could win her back...

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