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It was good timing that brought the three of them together
in the spring of 2002, good timing and a shared desire to
stretch out after being turned inward for so long. Matthew
Sweet and Pete Droge had just finished typically intensive
solo album projects, while Shawn Mullins had recorded a
sizable batch of demos for his next Columbia Records album.
Because they played a variety of instruments and knew how
to operate the recording hardware, all three were in the
habit of doing most of the work themselves. Each of them,
then, was up More...

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Reviews about The Thorns songs

No Blue Sky stays with you | Reviewer: Cristina Miller
    ------ About the song No Blue Sky performed by The Thorns

Okay, you know how sometimes you hear a song out of the blue, and you can't stop thinking about it? The harmony, lyrics and tone just effect you in a way that you just have to listen to it again and again? Well, No Blue Sky is like that. The lyrics are a bit depressing...but in a good way (you know how indulging sad feelings can be enjoyable sometimes?) It's more like it describes being down, but the song itself isn't depressing - it's intense. Does that make sense? It's as if someone read my mind in my lonliest moment and put words and music to it. But don't get me wrong, you don't have to be depressed to enjoy it...Anyone in any state of mind can enjoy the lyrics, melody, harmony and instrumental - Truly a great song.

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