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--Ladies and gentlemen "The Temptations" with these words
one is taken to a magical place. Finely tuned harmonies,
shimmering suave outfits, smooth percision choeography. Not
to mention some of the most compelling voices and beloved
songs of all time. Seeing them is not just a concert but an
event. They can do it all from pop to soul, contemporary to
psychedelic, from motown to your town .The greatest vocal
act of all time.
--The Temptations story begins with two struggling groups.
The Primes (a trio consisting of Eddie Kendricks, Paul
Williams, and Kell More...

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Review about The Temptations songs
First Time Singing This Song | Reviewer: Darneal Lewis
    ------ About the song It's Growing performed by The Temptations

At first I though I didn't have a voice in me until I start listing to music then my grandpa put on The Temptations. The songs started making me want to sing then I tried to sing My Girl. I was very amaze of my voice I sounded just like David Ruffin and then high notes I hit very well. So I started to sing The Temptations everyday when I felt like I was in a bad mood. That's when everything change. That's when I started to sing Sam Cooke, and The Drifters. So I got on computer today and found these lyrics to Its Growing. I just got surgery done but I am better. So I tried it the first time I didn't know what David Ruffin was saying so I look up the lyrics, practice and I got it together. So for this day on im always going to sing songs with my powerful voice

Sharing - "we all need someone to lean on" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lean On Me performed by The Temptations

For no-one can fill those of your needs that you wont let show.

I'm sending the lyrics of this song to a friend who has just lost her husband through depression because he refused to make his needs known to anyone.

It's the SOS, just a different year, different place, different people | Reviewer: Russ
    ------ About the song Ball Of Confusion performed by The Temptations

The problems that were mentioned in this song are likely never going to be truly solved, as human nature always prevails. Power still corrupts, oppression still angers the oppressed and they eventually fight back and sometimes win, most politicians still are criminals in suits (like Putin) and if it's not one thing, it's another. The bad never goes away, just changes teams and venues, and the good has to keep on keepin' on to prevent the bad from winning. Welcome to reality...

Love the Temps | Reviewer: Cis
    ------ About the song My Girl performed by The Temptations

I have watched the Temptation movie so many times and love it each and every time. I know they suffered alot during their careers and RIP to the members that have passed but they are one of the best ever. Songs like My Girl will be around forever. It is one of those songs that no matter where you hear it, those memories will always come back.This is my favorite classic song. Thank you Temptations for beinging us so much joy throughout the years.

It is a soul track | Reviewer: Jerome Ngubelanga
    ------ About the song Soul to Soul performed by The Temptations

I've been listening 2 dc kynd of muzk 4 a long tym b4, nw I'm 26. Whn I heared dc song 4 d 1st tym, I did cry. I dnt knw nw hw many tyms do I play it each day. It really heals my soul.

Best song i've ever heared in 23 years of my life!! | Reviewer: Kgomotso Manyaka
    ------ About the song Soul to Soul performed by The Temptations

I listen to this song day & night. When i'm happy or sad. It is the remedy to heal stress & other troubles of this world. It touches & moves me in a way i can't explain. There are many good songs out there, but this one is the best. It's from the heart, deep-deep down!

Uplifted | Reviewer: Nokuthula Sangweni
    ------ About the song Soul to Soul performed by The Temptations

Past two days, I just had an emotional breakdown, feellin all depressed for no particular reason, then today heard the song on tv, not that its my 1st time hearing the song, tears filled my eyes, I've downloaded the song somehow my spirit got uplifted as I listened to it over and again. Definitely one of the best classics ever.

    ------ About the song (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That performed by The Temptations


great song during a pivotal era | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ball Of Confusion performed by The Temptations

play and sing along loudly to this song (Ball of Confusion), then Sabbaths "war pigs", and Beatles Revolution and Heleter Skelter. The late sixties and early 70's memories come flooding back into the brain with vividness. I grew up in Urban NY at the time. The times they were a changing. Only problem is....the same sellout politicians are still ruining this country, the enviroment, and killing off our youth with their money making wars. "And the band played on" like on the Titanic while the ship was sinking. Good Luck to ALL Americans. From a white man from NY.

Matt M got it wrong | Reviewer: tony tartaglia
    ------ About the song Ball Of Confusion performed by The Temptations

Matt, your observation on the ' Ball of Confusion' about the Beatles Abbey Road LP and how it relates to how things were in the U.S. ( you weren't specific when you said America) is total hogwash. If you took time to read the lyrics of the song it definately speaks to and about the world, not just to the 20 or so countries in the Americas'!

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