The Tear Garden Albums

  • Eye Spy With My Little Eye Album (5/1/2002)
    Perforated Man
    A Bitter Pill
    The Train To China
    Extract From Empathy #2
    Black Curtains
    The Bomb Bomb Loopapa Tribe Drown Themselves In A Vat Of Marmite
    All The Stars Are Falling
    Extract From Empathy #3
    Dr. Chang’s Tummy Rub

  • Crystal Mass Album (10/24/2000)
    The Double Spades Effect
    Desert Island Disc
    Her Majesty's Trusted Food Taster
    Feathered Friends
    To Mourn The Death Of Color
    Six Of One

  • To Be An Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide Album (10/1/1996)
    Ascension Day
    We The People
    In Search Of My Rose
    Crying From Outside
    Psycho 9
    With Wings
    Judgement Hour
    New Eden
    Malice Through The Looking Glass
    The Habit

  • Sheila Liked The Rodeo Album (4/27/1993)
    Sybil The Spider Consumes Himself
    Sheila Liked The Rodeo
    The Strong And Whining Toad
    Do It Yourself From A-Z Part 1
    Do It Yourself From A-Z Part 2
    suneV dnA sulumoR
    Keep The Bomb Under Your Coat

  • The Last Man To Fly Album (6/12/1992)
  • Tired Eyes Slowly Burning Album (5/1/1987)
  • The Tear Garden Album (5/1/1986)

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